Tuesday, 30 August 2016

The four walls

Today me zahn and Avalon created a DLO about hauora. We also had to learn about our pulse and had to work together as a team to create it and it was successful.

Friday, 26 August 2016


 Today my l.I was to find and make examples of words. So today our whole group ruapehu had to work on one find draw animate act slide as a team. First we had to tell our teacher Mr Wong and our group what we know about comets. A comet is a ball of ice in space. Then we had to read a text about comets. We had to skit and scam through to find new words. My word was publication.  publication is a printed of information work and it can be seen in public.


Today our whole class did done poetry writing. We had to make a poem to make a picture in the readers head. My poem was about a playful brown dog sliding down a hill. But also all these different colours represent 4 words. Blue is a noun,green is an adjective, red represents a verb and brown represents an adverb.  but the black is just the normal words.

Friday, 19 August 2016

How to make a non-polluting car

Today my L.I was to find the most important (main)  idea in a text. we had to read the text then We had to use this template to write all the things we did

Place Values.

Today My L.I was to show three digit numbers on place value materials. We had to use an abacus and our teacher Mr Wong showed us a three digit number on the abacus like 346.  Then we we had to say how many hundreds,tens and ones were in those columns. For example there was 3 in the hundreds, 4 in the tens and 6 in the ones. The thing that was difficult was when we got a random number and then I had to count it because I did not Know what the number was.

Friday, 12 August 2016


 Today my L.I was to create your own advertisement (brochure). So today me and my group Nazanin and Angari was firstly doing our plan on what the add would look like. So a while later once we finshed our plan we could make the actual add on a google draw and this was our add we created. The thing that was hard for me to do was making the plan because It was a bit hard for us to find  words that would attract the buyer.

Friday, 5 August 2016

advertising persuasive language

 Today My L.I was to recognise and understand the purpose of advertising persuasive language writing. Our task was to make a Google slide and we had to go onto the EB games site,Hot wheels site and lego freinds site. Then we Had to look for words or other things that would make the person who's on the site want to make them buy it. But really the thing I was stuck was finding all the things that the buyer would want to buy it.

subtracting tidy numbers

Today My LI  was subtracting tidy numbers. I will give you an example of what we were doing. 18 - 9 = first you need to find the closet tidy number witch was 9 but you put 1 into  the nine and 1 into the eighteen to make it even and then it would be 19 - 10 = 9. But the task we had to do was going on to Transum and playing basic subtraction 3. The thing that was hard for me to do when I first was doing subtracting tidy numbers I would get confused .