Friday, 24 November 2017


Today PBS had a special surprise as it was athletics day! This was a  special event as people really enjoy playing these fun activities at athletics day. We all really enjoyed it and  at the  end of the day   we had   the final sprints race. I was lucky enough to come second , Mele first and chavda  last but thats okay! My favourite game was the sponge race. My team was team green with peter,mele and jospeh. Today we also had the sausage sizzle! Also a big thanks to mr o,tim and the tamaki college helpers.

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Kiwi Sport

This week at Kiwi sport group b learnt a new serve called the "For hand serve". This serve was a bit harder for me as I am not that good with my for hand grip. We learnt the serve then had a quick practice before rally's. After about 3 minutes we got into a pair and vs other teams. Me and Fui were able to beat quit a few teams and become the masters! This weeks Kiwi Sport at badminton was really fun!

Kiwi Can

This week at Kiwi Can we played a few cool games called Stinky feet and tag. I really enjoyed stinky feet because we all had to walk around waiting for the clap and then our teacher will shout out a number. Then after that we must put in the ramming feet into the circle. And tag was just the usual. Then at the end we played GKQ


 This week I have tried to polish or add some extra detail to my modeling book! I got the idea to make a short little test on what you have learnt while reading my modeling book! It would be great to spread my modeling book but others too just to help others in need or starters.

Survey test

This week Mr Wongs maths groups went around asking people what there favourite whole number from 1 - 20. This process took some time because we asked the WHOLE of ls1. This was a really fun yet a little difficult task as it took all of us some time or most of our space to go talk to others about what number they like the most from 1 - 20. Next we had to make a DLO and make a graph to express the work.

Raz kids

L.I to read 5 or more books.
Today I read 5 books which is good

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Fire station

This week LS1 went down to the fire station to learn about the water hoses,training area, fire trucks and tools. This was a special event as last week the police visited us. We learnt about the tools they have and there special suits that protect them from heat. Fire fighters have special tanks that they breathe in to protect there lungs. Fire fighters have lots of gear to get in houses,remove doors,get into houses and to let out fires. LS1 learnt heaps from this trip and I was surprised to find out there are only 4 workers and they work day and night. They also help with medical things and car crashes. They also help cut trees and get people free. New workers also train heaps to get better at there job and also workers who have been at the fire station for ages. 

Friday, 17 November 2017

 This week me Chavda , Fui and Florence planned out our game called Battlemall. Battlemall is like handball just with different people in different groups. The plan is to get a higher chance of winning instead of the other player winning. This was a really fun activity and the video link is above.


Greetings Matthew! I am impressed with your blurb and how it makes sense more.

Daily six

Thursday, 16 November 2017


 This week me and Juel has made a google slide on trades. If confused then we mean public transporters,drivers,builders,electrician,plumber,delivery drivers and food services. Me and Juel studied bus drivers and builders. We looked in the library for books but for builders not much. But asides that we tried our bests to research.

Badminton / Kiwi sport

This week for kiwi sport kevin taught us a new serve. The back hand serve. We had fun at kiwi sport today because we used a real net! Although we only had a short time because of how we kind of messed around. ALTHOUGH we had a really fun time at badminton because of the fun relays we had with other people. We even vsed ! It was really fun but I really wanted to play with group a too to see there abilties.

New Zealand Police vist

This week PBS was lucky enough because the New Zealand police had vist us. A fact we leant from them was the New Zealand police is the only one with a helicopter in the whole country! The New Zealand police are very nice and maybe when you walk by say hi! The New Zealand police came flying down in there helicopter to see us which was pretty amazing. We had a walk around and learnt that the camrea bellow the body of the helicopter was 800,000! Then a friendly but strong dog came to vist and was named Kahu. Kahu is still training but is also very talented. We all were very happy the police and police dog visted us! It also was a great opertunity to get out of the class room and maybe learn something else.

Kiwi can

L.I to have respect full communication.

This week at Kiwi can group B split into two groups. We all played a familiar game called "Volcano" . This game included multi coloured spots that we had to flip over, as the other team needed to flip them downwards or facing the ground. The next activity was Knights,Gentlemen and horses. This game takes lots of people to run around then when the teacher called out one of the three we had to group up and do the following actions. 

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Graham Hill

Image result for graham hill less stuff more happiness
Graham Hill helps us save us a bit more money and a bit more space. He persuades others to be more open and free. Campings tents,college rooms or hotels all make us feel a bit more free. He also believes that buying more decorations could be a waste as you're going to have to throw it out sooner or later. Instead you should have multiple things in one. For example a little coffee table that turns into a big dining table. A bed that comes out of the wall or a sink thats combined with a toilet. Also he helps others to save more money by persuading them to buy smaller homes.

Graham hill believes that less space equals more happiness and for us to be more free. He also thinks for us to think small,edit ruthlessly and make multifunctional. All this could save us more money.
Image result for graham hill less stuff more happiness
Graham hill had wanted a bigger space in his childhood when he grew up years ago but thought what he wanted could be a waste.

Graham's speech could change our lives a bit more by saving money,feeling more free and less wasting. My favourite part in his speech was the ending because it didn’t really matter what was in the box anymore because remember less space more happiness

Less space, more happiness ~

Today I have made a poster on Graham Hill about how he has explained that Less space,more happiness. His speech is really inspiring and could help anyone anywhere any size or age... Well in my opinion. I have wrote what he has spoke about,what I like about it and whats interesting about it.

Synthesizing / Modeling book.

 L.I : To use a bunch of comprehension strategies to go deeper into the text.
This week Mr Ogilvies group made modeling books of one of many reading strategies. I have chosen Synthesizing as my model for my modeling book. I have used a range of different texts from Junior texts , middle texts and senior texts. Hopefully this taught you about the Synthesizing strategy and helps you with improving your reading.

Thursday, 9 November 2017


L.I To use back hand and for hand.
Today group B (6s and 5s) Went to badminton. My buddy was Fui and we collaborated with each other to do the back hand rally. This week was really fun and our warm up was everyone's it. Kevin taught us heaps this week and we all hope to go next week! Also we had some people come up and show what they got and what they learnt but not only that but also to show others examples! We all can not wait for next weeks badminton session with Kevin!

Free rice

Today I have donated 210 grains of rice to the poor... This game helps not only you but donating rice to others! this is a great game to play and I would recommend you to check it out!

Modeling book

 This week I have made a modeling book on Synthesizing. Synthesizing is one of many strategy to help you with your reading. Synthesizing helps you with making greater and bigger ideas. Linking ideas to make them. And answer your own question! This could also help you with tests.

Doctors and Educators

 Today me,Sandra and Fui made a google slide or DLO research slide ob doctors and Educators. We also went to the library to find info in the books.

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Wheel decide

Today for maths our task was to choose three wheel decides. The percent of getting one of these options would be hard as there are 5 more to pick from. If you would like to try out wheel decide then here is the link k

Friday, 3 November 2017

Guy Fawkes.

 This week me,Jericho,Christopher and Fau worked on a DLO on staying safe on Guy Fawkes! Remember to follow these rules but also other important ones too! Stay safe and remember always obey these simple rules as they could save your life and protect you for major injuries! Stay safe everyone!

Raz Kids

L.I To read as many books as I can
This week on Raz Kids I have read a ton of books to get better at not only my reading but even at other things too! the book I liked the best was how to make rice cause I learnt lots!

Free rice

This week I have blogged about Free rice. This site is about donating rice grains to little kids that dont have food.


Today I have commented on Chavdas blog post about Matariki. Her post really inspired me to comment on it and give her great feedback. Please check out her blog!


L.I to buddy up and hit the badminton shuttle to each other as many times in a row.
This week for Badminton there was not much people as half of the class was at touch. The badminton session was really fun as me and Sandra could control hitting to each other. Also we surprisingly had the most hits in a row! The session this week though was a bit shorter than expected and for others it was a bit hard for not only them but a little bit for us. This week with Kevin was very fun but we did want more time to play but no only us but others too.

Lowest common factor

Fractions: add/sub
Calculate and Simplify using LCM and GCF

Problem: show working
Answer in simplified fractions
Answer in mixed numerals
⅗ + 8/12

5/7 + 6/8

2/4 + 7/10

⅓ + 6/9

⅘ + 1/6

5/8 + 5/16

5/9 + 1/3

4/12 + 6/18

7/21 + 5/15

6/18 + 24/32

4/35 + 7/63

9/18 + 3/12

43/100 + 28/50

8/56 + 7/63

2/90 + 60/70

L.I To find out what the lowest common factor is.
Today for maths we had to work out another set of fractions. This time we had to find out what the lowest factor in and what the answers to the maths fractions is this was a hard processes cause it took me longer than expected.

Emergency Services.

L.I To learn about Emergency services and working with others.
This week for inquiry our class split in groups of six. After we had done that we chose a partner in our group. My one was Fau and we were working on the Police and Surf lifesavers. This was a fun task to do as there were little note facts spread around the class that we had to look for to get our information on. We were able to find our books too but was a bit hard as we had to find them at the library.

QAR Template

L.I To make a QAR template.
Today me and Victoria are doing a QAR template on our teacher Mr O's questions. This was a bit hard because he set up a challenge for us and Jack and Alex. The challenge was who ever had the best answers won two chocolate fish each. We have to wait for our results and can not wait for the results to come in and see who won!

Sentence Structure

L.I to explain what is in a sentence structure.
Today for our must do our task was to make a google draw explaining what is a sentence structure made up of. This task was all about our understanding of the sentence structure and how much we have learnt from it. So gathering all this knowledge we have learnt we have put up TREE. TREE stands for the Title,Reveal,Events and Ending. These make up the whole sentence structure. If you want to find out what they mean read the draw above.

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Kiwi Can

Today at Kiwi Can we played a few games we have played in the past. One was to untangle our arms as we had to link our hand with someone elses. This was pretty hard to do and our group sadly lost. The next game was 10 down. The game goes by having three teams or more and trying to pass the ball and put it down to get a point. Sadly we lost again but the winning team was Jack and Julians team.