Thursday, 31 May 2018

Kiwi sport

This week our touch rugby teacher taught us some of the basic rules in touch rugby. After LS2 group B learnt the basics of passing backwards,side ways and forwards. Some times people don't allow people to pass forward but for now it kinda makes it easy for us.

Clothing in the 1870's

This week LS2 made DLOS on topics in the 1870's. Chavda, Joel , Viva and me. We have made a DLO with information about clothing in the 1870's. Some of the information I have gathered is that most hair styles in the 1870's is thick braids. We all had a role to finish our clothing in the 1870's. We mainly focused on the dresses women wear.

Friday, 25 May 2018

Tech / the last day of Mr Grundy's Pewter casting group

Tech last term and quarter this term was amazing and fun. Mr Grundy has taught us a lot about pewter casting. This was a very fun lesson we had and hope to come again and learn more from Mr Grundy. Recapping on what we did at the very start was finding the designs we want and who want to make it for. Then we started drawing on a piece of wood then cut it out. After that Mr Grundy poured the Metal Pewter inside of the mold and let it set for a while.  Then we cut the top part off and starting to file it. Then we used sandpaper to get it to a nice look then we used water and a special liquid to finish it off. Thank you so much Mr Grundy !

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Travel Data

This week Ms Kirkpatrick's maths group has been catching up on our maths work. I have blogged today about what the most popular way for secondary and primary kids to get to school. After answering both those questions we then decided what the best way over all to get to school was for both schools. Then Ms Kirkpatrick's maths group all gathered together to see the results of who walked, took the bus, dropped off to school or biked to school.

Monday, 21 May 2018

Speech mark texting story.

“Hi!” said Nathaniel.
“Hi Nathaniel.” replied River.
“We are going to the movies later,
want to tag along?”
asked Nathaniel.
“Sure!” said River.
“Okay me, Travis and Aaron will see you at 6.”
replied Nathaniel.
“Okay see you later!” said River.

Today Ms Kirkpatrick's writing group has had another speech mark practise by using the fake I phone texting site >Fake I phone texting site. This is a really good practise for us and to use speech marks properly. We started writing a normal conversation on the Iphone texting site and finished off writing on a google doc. Although we used speech marks to edit the messages on the doc. This was a fun yet easy task because we practised and did this exercise last week. 

Friday, 18 May 2018

Pewter casting / workbook

Today at tech Mr Grundy's class our the year 7 group have been finishing off our work books to get a better score for half this term and last term. 

Thursday, 17 May 2018

Speech mark writing

“Hey!” said Chevrolet
“Hi Chevrolet.” replied Luna
“How is chemistry?” asked Chevrolet
“It’s okay I guess… How is art class?” replied Luna
“Great! Lara got top of the class with her painting though, which was a surprise.” said Chevrolet
“Oh, what did you draw though?” texted Luna
“Sunrise on the horizon” replied Chevrolet
“Okay well I gotta go or else I'll get to distracted” Luna said
“Bye!” replied Chevrolet

This week Ms Kirkpatrick's group used fake iPhone texting site. Our priority job was to use Speech marks. For example : "Wyatt what happened to your leg!". That is one of many examples you can use in one of your stories or ect. 

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Poems / Summer vs Winter walking to school.

The sun beams as I walk outside while footpaths are packed with people feeling the warm summer breeze, instead of driving in their cars they're enjoying the wonderful gleam. I prance into school and the frisky feeling comes back, just like the time when the winter was absent and never came back until...


Treading outside sending shivers up my spine, I despise the winter and all of its grime. Roads congested with cars, people not wanting to step outside. I stroll into school while clouds link and shelter the sky while sunlight veils above the dusky grey sky bellow.

This week LS2 created their own poems about walking to school in the summer compared to the winter. The key was using our understanding of juxtaposition. We used juxtaposition to use two opposites to make the poem pop more and make the picture or story more interesting. We got inspiration from the poem called " Two day wonder " which went as a boy had a terrible day and he was sick and the world was boring and depressed, while the next verse was all happy and fun in games.

Another thing we did was use very powerful words in our poem. In my poem I have gotten breeze, gleam, frisky, shivers, despise, grime, shading, peeks and gloomy. Another thing we did was create a word cline. Marieta and I both did this activity collaboratively. If you are confused about what word cline's are then it is simply a scale going up from bottom to top. We then list weaker words from the bottom and working our way up using powerful words.

Monday, 14 May 2018

Body System

Today Ms Kirkpatrick's group played a game about sorting out the bones in our body. The bones in our body is very important due to protecting organs and other parts.

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Harry's war / Bulford kiwi, Evaluating and Vocab

This week me,Fui,Joseph,Hajera and Viva finished our Evaluating DLO and the Bulford Kiwi DLO. These two DLOs explain what the text was about, what interesting facts have you learnt from reading this text? Why?, What questions do you have after reading? and why the Bulford kiwi was built. Also the name of the book is titled "Harry's War". Before Evaluating and the Bulford Kiwi we had to write some vocab and about the word, like there synonyms and Antonyms.

Problem solving / age

This week me and Sky worked out how old were the brothers with a little bit of help from Jack. At first we did the times tables challenge and I got a pretty good score for the first challenge. Also when we started this rich task it was very hard and confusing but we got more used to it in the end.

Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Nice work

Nice work
Nice Synonyms.
  • Great
  • Delightful
  • Amusin
  • Good
  • Pleasant

  • How long is a piece of string?

  • It depends on the length and width of the piece of string.

The choice is as long as a string, what literary devices?  Simile and Synonyms .

What is the joke in the last line? She’s nice our teacher. / The joke was not to use the word NICE

Amazing work

Never use the word AMAZING, our teacher said.
It doesn’t mean a thing!
Try… Astonishing, Surprising, Stunning,
Shocking, Breathtaking, Awesome,
Mind blowing, Incredible, Wonderful -
the choice is as long as a string!
But please, never use the word AMAZING,
it just doesn’t mean a thing.

(She’s amazing our teacher)

-Judith Nicholls

This week for writing I have made a poem about the word AMAZING. Although the joke is really simple ! If you figure it out... But this was a really fun activity for this week.

Thursday, 3 May 2018

The first woman

This week me and Fui created a story board about the story of the first woman. The story board above shows what had happened when Tane molded the newest woman.

The Unfinished Drink

Today we made a future generation post from our school, keeping his memory alive. . . It was a really sad poem wrote from a unknown person but this person also kept La Tour Mollets memory alive. I felt really sad and  at the end of this poem because he couldn't enjoy his beer... although it was really kind of the person who he gave it to and kept it safe waiting for him...

Roller Skating

Today at lunch LS2 went to roller skating. It was a really fun yet challenging experience doing so. At the start I was really struggling but afterwards I got a little better due to help from lots of friends and teachers who gave me advice. Our roller skating teacher was Puna.

Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Mathematical me

Sky and I tested out some body measurement experiments for maths. Most of the experiments worked but some failed. We used a piece of string to measure ourselves to get the results from the measurements. My partner Sky and I had a lot of fun doing this activity because it was so surprising when most of the experiments worked. One of many was your arm span is the same as your height which was correct!

Tuesday, 1 May 2018


Today me and Chavda finished our Memorial slides. One of the many slides we chose to blog about was our Family tree slide. It was based of the Narrators family and there passed generation. We give 100 amount of respect to the author and Narrator of the book Shaun Tan and Gary Crew. We wrote about the family tree and Family member friends. Ruby Vale: Betty's former nurse friend, Issy Jacobs: played the trumpet and Philly Whipps who planted the seed. If you would like to check out the full Presentation the link is right here --- Memorial Presentation ---