Monday, 21 May 2018

Speech mark texting story.

“Hi!” said Nathaniel.
“Hi Nathaniel.” replied River.
“We are going to the movies later,
want to tag along?”
asked Nathaniel.
“Sure!” said River.
“Okay me, Travis and Aaron will see you at 6.”
replied Nathaniel.
“Okay see you later!” said River.

Today Ms Kirkpatrick's writing group has had another speech mark practise by using the fake I phone texting site >Fake I phone texting site. This is a really good practise for us and to use speech marks properly. We started writing a normal conversation on the Iphone texting site and finished off writing on a google doc. Although we used speech marks to edit the messages on the doc. This was a fun yet easy task because we practised and did this exercise last week. 

Friday, 18 May 2018

Pewter casting / workbook

Today at tech Mr Grundy's class our the year 7 group have been finishing off our work books to get a better score for half this term and last term. 

Thursday, 17 May 2018

Speech mark writing

“Hey!” said Chevrolet
“Hi Chevrolet.” replied Luna
“How is chemistry?” asked Chevrolet
“It’s okay I guess… How is art class?” replied Luna
“Great! Lara got top of the class with her painting though, which was a surprise.” said Chevrolet
“Oh, what did you draw though?” texted Luna
“Sunrise on the horizon” replied Chevrolet
“Okay well I gotta go or else I'll get to distracted” Luna said
“Bye!” replied Chevrolet

This week Ms Kirkpatrick's group used fake iPhone texting site. Our priority job was to use Speech marks. For example : "Wyatt what happened to your leg!". That is one of many examples you can use in one of your stories or ect. 

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Poems / Summer vs Winter walking to school.

The sun beams as I walk outside while footpaths are packed with people feeling the warm summer breeze, instead of driving in their cars they're enjoying the wonderful gleam. I prance into school and the frisky feeling comes back, just like the time when the winter was absent and never came back until...


Treading outside sending shivers up my spine, I despise the winter and all of its grime. Roads congested with cars, people not wanting to step outside. I stroll into school while clouds link and shelter the sky while sunlight veils above the dusky grey sky bellow.

This week LS2 created their own poems about walking to school in the summer compared to the winter. The key was using our understanding of juxtaposition. We used juxtaposition to use two opposites to make the poem pop more and make the picture or story more interesting. We got inspiration from the poem called " Two day wonder " which went as a boy had a terrible day and he was sick and the world was boring and depressed, while the next verse was all happy and fun in games.

Another thing we did was use very powerful words in our poem. In my poem I have gotten breeze, gleam, frisky, shivers, despise, grime, shading, peeks and gloomy. Another thing we did was create a word cline. Marieta and I both did this activity collaboratively. If you are confused about what word cline's are then it is simply a scale going up from bottom to top. We then list weaker words from the bottom and working our way up using powerful words.

Monday, 14 May 2018

Body System

Today Ms Kirkpatrick's group played a game about sorting out the bones in our body. The bones in our body is very important due to protecting organs and other parts.

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Harry's war / Bulford kiwi, Evaluating and Vocab

This week me,Fui,Joseph,Hajera and Viva finished our Evaluating DLO and the Bulford Kiwi DLO. These two DLOs explain what the text was about, what interesting facts have you learnt from reading this text? Why?, What questions do you have after reading? and why the Bulford kiwi was built. Also the name of the book is titled "Harry's War". Before Evaluating and the Bulford Kiwi we had to write some vocab and about the word, like there synonyms and Antonyms.

Problem solving / age

This week me and Sky worked out how old were the brothers with a little bit of help from Jack. At first we did the times tables challenge and I got a pretty good score for the first challenge. Also when we started this rich task it was very hard and confusing but we got more used to it in the end.

Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Nice work

Nice work
Nice Synonyms.
  • Great
  • Delightful
  • Amusin
  • Good
  • Pleasant

  • How long is a piece of string?

  • It depends on the length and width of the piece of string.

The choice is as long as a string, what literary devices?  Simile and Synonyms .

What is the joke in the last line? She’s nice our teacher. / The joke was not to use the word NICE

Amazing work

Never use the word AMAZING, our teacher said.
It doesn’t mean a thing!
Try… Astonishing, Surprising, Stunning,
Shocking, Breathtaking, Awesome,
Mind blowing, Incredible, Wonderful -
the choice is as long as a string!
But please, never use the word AMAZING,
it just doesn’t mean a thing.

(She’s amazing our teacher)

-Judith Nicholls

This week for writing I have made a poem about the word AMAZING. Although the joke is really simple ! If you figure it out... But this was a really fun activity for this week.

Thursday, 3 May 2018

The first woman

This week me and Fui created a story board about the story of the first woman. The story board above shows what had happened when Tane molded the newest woman.

The Unfinished Drink

Today we made a future generation post from our school, keeping his memory alive. . . It was a really sad poem wrote from a unknown person but this person also kept La Tour Mollets memory alive. I felt really sad and  at the end of this poem because he couldn't enjoy his beer... although it was really kind of the person who he gave it to and kept it safe waiting for him...

Roller Skating

Today at lunch LS2 went to roller skating. It was a really fun yet challenging experience doing so. At the start I was really struggling but afterwards I got a little better due to help from lots of friends and teachers who gave me advice. Our roller skating teacher was Puna.

Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Mathematical me

Sky and I tested out some body measurement experiments for maths. Most of the experiments worked but some failed. We used a piece of string to measure ourselves to get the results from the measurements. My partner Sky and I had a lot of fun doing this activity because it was so surprising when most of the experiments worked. One of many was your arm span is the same as your height which was correct!

Tuesday, 1 May 2018


Today me and Chavda finished our Memorial slides. One of the many slides we chose to blog about was our Family tree slide. It was based of the Narrators family and there passed generation. We give 100 amount of respect to the author and Narrator of the book Shaun Tan and Gary Crew. We wrote about the family tree and Family member friends. Ruby Vale: Betty's former nurse friend, Issy Jacobs: played the trumpet and Philly Whipps who planted the seed. If you would like to check out the full Presentation the link is right here --- Memorial Presentation ---

Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Treaty Of Waitangi / Kahoot challenges!

This week we made presented our Kahoot on the treaty of waitangi. Each group presented a great Kahoot and it was really fun and challenging. One game I was able to come 2nd place! That really surprised me as I never really used Kahoot before.

Thursday, 29 March 2018


 Last week me and Chavda also made a DLO on Zambia, a commonwealth country. Zambia was a really nice country and learning about it really made me happy!

Commonwealth Values

Last week me and Chavda worked on the commonwealth values. We also learnt about borobi and what he does.  Our other post is about Zambia.

Finding the missing angles

Today for maths we filled out a angles work sheet . I got some help from Shakaia and Sky. This was not as hard as we got to work in partners and work. After the test I was able to get 12 right! But after that we then made a google draw about one of our right answers. I used the left angled triangle as I got it right in the test.

Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Duffy / books

Today we got greeted with Taylor and Matt. They both did something amazing in their lives as Taylor came first in most of her bmx rides and Matt plays for the blues. It was such a surprise seeing these two. The Duffy books I got rewarded with was Amulet book 1 and Geronimo stilt ion.

The Tunnel

The Tunnel

A long trail leading to a new mystery. A glint of light piercing through the tall, dark, spooky trees. It lead me right to a tunnel made of twigs. Hiking through the damp forest I have never seen this type of surprise before. A trail leading to a underground cave as dark as night. My eyes caught sight of emerald green stones lying within the cave. Eyes sparkling the colour blue watching the emerald stones shimmering like stars. The aroma of daisies filled the air with their stunning scent. Birds chirping perfect melodies. I then took my first step through the twig like tunnel.                           

Thursday, 22 March 2018

Treaty of waitangi

This week Me, Shakaia , Fui, Viva and Hajera. For reading we started on finishing our reading Kahoot or about the Treaty of Waitangi.  Read the picture above to join and gain info on our kahoot.

Professor Stephen Hawking

 Unfortunately last week something very sad happened.... Yes you may know that Professor Stephen Hawking's died. We have made a DLO respecting what he did in the past and about his disease. We studied a lot about him and hope this will teach you lots about this man. He was known as a physicist and was a very smart person. He will always hold apart in the world even though he had died.

Monday, 19 March 2018

Mary's Wonderland

Mary's wonderland.

Mary was a extraordinary seven year old girl who went on wonderful adventures. She felt a burst of excitement run through her as her eyes looked at a pretty cover. Mary loved all kinds of books, fiction, non fiction, picture books and novels. She flipped to the first page and was transported into a new land. Mary's eyes were locked on the page reading each line. Ever since Mary laid her eyes on the first book she ever read, she was gone to another place. Mary felt safe and calm. She felt like she was in paradise and flipped the page to read the next exciting hook. As Mary was flipping through the pages her brain was gathering more and more knowledge each time. After a bit she could imagine herself soaring through the sky just like how the hawk was in Mary’s book.

This week Tamaki started with our 5-7-10 writing. We had to write a character description about the picture above. 5-7-10 means 5 minutes to write as much as possible, 7 minutes to talk to a partner and 10 minutes to finish your character or story off.

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Fractions re cap.

Today me and Shakaia solved these fraction problems... We had a re cap with our teacher and solved all these questions but one... We didn't have enough time but we still did okay! It was a really nice opportunity to have a re cap challenge!

Scooter quest

Today I have blogged about a game called Scooter Quest. This game is about a boy going door to door delivering the news paper but each house has a decimal number and you also get a decimal number. You have to round the closet 10th,100th or 1000th decimal number.

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Magical chairs

Magical Chairs

Dennis always had a love for chairs.
Brown chairs, skinny chairs or fat chairs,  you choose.
Growing up Dennis had experienced magic.
He had dreamt about becoming a world famous magician.
After a couple years of planning Dennis finally knew what he wanted to do.
Dennis practiced his magic on chairs and became wildly popular for his tricks.
Time went by and he peeked through the drapes before he performed at his last ever show…
Chairs went flying, while the wooden floor slowly turned to grass.
This was his most wonderful performance the world had ever seen.
From then on he is remembered to be one of the greatest magicians who ever lived.

This week I also finished my character description about a picture of a man standing in front of a white background and chairs floating around.

Monday, 12 March 2018

Lost... / Writing

I was hiking towards the beautiful, colourful and bright forest.
The sun beaming through the trees and flowers blooming colours.
It was like paradise here. I danced through the grass.
After a while of prancing around I then found myself lost
.  Although the view was great and you could just see hawks flying high and butterflies showing off their beautiful patterns.
The view was so lovely I didn't really mind if was lost for a while.

After a couple of minutes wondering I started getting worried.
It was now six o clock and it was almost dawn.
I had settled on the long green grass and laid my bag on the grass.
I unzipped my bag and pulled out the map I had brought before my trip.
I then laid my eyes and the huge but helpful map. I was located in the middle of the forest so all I needed to do was walk straight ahead.
After awhile of hiking I could feel my legs starting to tremble. I was getting weak fast.
It was now 6:30pm and I could see the sun slowing going down.

After a while of hiking I could slightly see houses and roads. I felt a sudden spark light up in me.
I was so glad I had found my way out. I put my map back into my bag and walked towards the city.
After the journey I felt safe, happy and glad to be home.

This week I have finished writing about the lost man. So if you are wondering why some sentences are highlighted is because the yellow highlight is simple,blue compound and pink was complex. We did this so we all now that we use a mix of different sentences to make the reader think the story was interesting.

Friday, 2 March 2018

Agent of change

This week LS2 looked at how we could be a agent of change in our own 2018 learning journey. We all thought about how we should focus on work more in 2018. We need to think about the future and work harder. But you shouldn't always work hard as sometimes you could get selfish and think your the best person. But I want to take risks and be more confident in front of everyone. Taking risks is a good opportunity to show everyone your thoughts and ideas.

Pewter casting / Tech

This week for pewter casting we started on tracing our  designs. After that we then cut out the outlines on our pieces of wood then waited for the pewter to melt. after that we poured the pewter in the molds and then next week we will polish them and cut the top off.

Thursday, 22 February 2018

PBS Whakatauki

Today I have made a google draw on our schools Whakatauki. We have wrote about  what it means and why it is here. A reason is because this school cares for the land,people and we also go forward. Our PBS WHAKATAUKI was made by Miss Moris and other great teachers. 

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Olympic Values

Today Me and Shakaia made a google draw on the Olympic and PBS mottos,Logo or flag,Values and Whakatauki. We had to find out about the Olympic creed,motto,values and flag. Same with our school. This was a really easy task as we our the year sevens and eights so we would know were to find information!

Summary / Te wiki

This week me and Hajera started to write our summary. We first started on listing 20 words and then writing down the most important 6 words. We read about how the treaty was written and who wrote it.

Chinese New Year

How Chinese New Year Is celebrated?

The famous Chinese New Year is celebrated around the world. It is celebrated with people
cleaning their homes for the start of spring. People around the world put up red posters
with poetic sentences on them and put them on their doors. Chinese New Year is also the
time where friends and family meet up and enjoy their time together.

Near the end of the holiday people light lanterns and either let them fly in the sky or on let
them float on top of water.  In the middle of the celebration people light fireworks and
firecrackers. People often give unmarried people and kids red envelopes with money inside.

At night people eat their dinner packed with lots of delicious foods. They celebrate with some
specific foods like Shrimp , Noodles and Egg Rolls. These three foods represent a long life,
happiness and gold bars. Foods that are common when eating on Chinese New Year is fish,
Wasabi, Kim chi, vegetables , rice and curry. Other cultures celebrate Chinese New Year
because of the special events that happen.

The tradition is also about 12 animals. These animals competed in a race which the Jade
emperor will chose its year for it to be celebrated. The recent year 2018 is the dog.
Chinese New Year is celebrated because a dragon would arrive on the new moon and
goes when the full moon comes up.

People celebrate Chinese New Year to remember the Chinese legend about the Mysterious
beast who would visited the town and scared the people in the village… But a old man
stumbled towards the village and told them about the beasts weakness. The colour red,
loud noises and more. The beast then left on the full moon never to visit again.


This week LS2 started writing a explanation about Chinese New Year.  We all worked with a person in another writing group. It was fun working with other people. The explanation was really easy because me and my partner already knew about Chinese New Year.

Friday, 16 February 2018

Technology / Tech

Today was a special day for the new year 7s. We had a new teacher for tech called mr Grundy. He is a nice teacher that  teaches us about technology and other things. We started on thinking about our designs on who were gonna give it to. After that Mr Grundy showed us how to make the actual pendent. This was really cool to watch and we were all happy. After our session we went back on the bus and cant wait to go back next week Friday! 

Summer learning journey / Thank you Rachel and the next foundation

Today I was so happy to be presented with the Summer Learning journey certificate. It was such a honor but also it was because of my hard work over the holiday. My favorite post were what my favorite dessert was. A big big thank you to Rachel and The next foundation for giving us a chance for to do work in the holiday. I will participate next time too!

Auckland Marathon results

Today I am publishing my maths about the real and 2014 running Auckland Marathon results. I was working with Shakaia and Sky. Really I dont think I would be able to do this without them because I was busy adding decimals.

Thursday, 15 February 2018

Treaty of Waitangi

This week I have finished the treaty of waitangi summary. I worked with Shakaia,Fui,Viva,Savelina and myself. We have made a short summary about the treaty and how it started.

Kiwi can Reflection

Today we went to our first kiwi can for the year! We are all welcomed to our new class and to new or old faces. Although Ms Latoya and Mr Malu is no longer a kiwi can teacher... We all were sad to find out but we had to face it. As we walked in we all felt excitement rush into our bodies. We walked in and it already felt like home. We learnt about respect and how to respect others. Then we started our first game. We played If you.. The rules were to run to a different spot if they say if you have ... Then the next game was ball tag were you had to pass the ball to get someone out. Also we played a acting game were we had to work in a group and act out including others! My group was Aung Naing,Ofa,Freeman,Affonso,Savelina and Fui.

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Winter Olympic Mascot Comparison

 This week we have started our first inquiry session! I have worked with a group of three, Shakaia and Jeremiah. As you may know the winter Olympics are coming up and we have made a google slide about two mascots. We first started out finding a past mascot that we all agreed on. We all decided to chose the snow leopard. After choosing one of the past winter Olympic mascots we then did some research about them and also compared them. We had to also write about Soohorang or as many would call him the white tiger. There was a lot of comparisons we may or may not of put in. Although This was a really fun activity we did for inquiry this week!

How to add decimal digits.

Today my lovely teacher taught a group of people on how to add decimal digits. Its a really easy and simple step. First if you are stuck with tenth decimal digits then you will have to add up the tenths first. For example 2.5 + 3.3 would equal 5.8 because first off you want to take your two decimals digits and add them together. But theirs a trick to it! If your two decimal numbers go above 10 then you would have to add the number on the right for example the ten. After that you want to then add your one to your whole numbers. You want to try stick with this strategy for the 100s and 1000s. This trick is exactly like place values which most of yous have already learnt.

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Winter Olympic Venn Diagram

From today and yesterday I have worked with two partners to make a group of three. I have grouped up with Jeremiah and Shakaia. We all made a list of all the winter Olympic sports from the 1900's to the modern days. After that was done we then made a Venn diagram about the differences and the similarity's. 

Friday, 9 February 2018

Blog Post Record

Yesterday we were set up for making a graph about all of our posts each year. 2015 was the first year I got my Chromebook and worked really hard because it was the first time I got it. I worked really hard when I got my Chromebook that year.  Then after we gathered all the data from our blog we then made a google spread sheet and put our data on it. Then we made a graph with all of our data and put it on a google draw. After that was done we wrote why we either improved over the years or didn't...  I also wrote my goals for 2018 to do really well this year as it is a new year.

Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Show Don't Tell

Excited Chance

I heard the screams of excitement come from inside the building.

People winning tickets and winning prizes for themselves.

I felt excitement run inside me or waves splashing inside my stomach.

I slowly took my time moving the claw.

I wondered what I wanted and saw a teddy.

I felt like the claw was in a good spot.

Today for the start of the term we started it of with writing. We had to write 7 sentences that clue the reader to guess where we were at in our summer holiday like the beach or pools. You could get bonus points for using special words in your sentences. Can you guess where I was at?