Friday, 19 October 2018

Tinker cad designing

 Today on the first day back at tech we have made a start to our digital phone holder. We first planned out what our deign would look like, and I really liked the idea of a bunny because the back bit of it could hold the phone. We have used Tinkercad to do our design. We also got some ideas from thingy verse. We have started to develop our design first. We used a variety of shapes and holes to start with my design. I had to make sure that everything was in place and perfect too. Although I am not done with my design but the finishing piece will be soon! 

Thursday, 18 October 2018

Shake out!

This week Sky and I have made a screen casitfy and poster talking about the awareness of shake out and a emergency earth quake. This was a serious cause as the shake out alarm happens on the 18th or October 9:30am for most schools around the world. This will inform you to drop, cover and hold. Hopefully our Poster and screen castify will help you if a earthquake occurs.

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

That Was Winter

This week for writing we have written a poem about our Winter stories that happened this year. We made our own version of our Winter experience which made each individual poem unique and different to each others. We also illustrated a picture from our poem and mixed the two to make it look like a journal book. I decided to draw a cup of hot chocolate because I love hot chocolate and because I enjoyed feeling the warmth and smell coming from the hot chocolate too. I really enjoyed writing this week too because we got to be creative with our drawings and poems.

Friday, 28 September 2018


Today I tried to make a character in Tinkercad. This was a really fun activity because we got to learn about how the camera moves and how we can drag and drop objects. After 11 sessions we got to create our own character. It took a lot of time because I thought that the camera movements were a little hard to control but I was able to make a good looking character!

Friday, 21 September 2018

Product design.

Today the year 7 graphics group has made 3d models of our own design. This design would support a phone because the back ears make the phone stand on the actual design and the the split in the middle is where the phone would stand. The shape of my design is mainly a circle but the over all design is a monkey. I may be able to fix the ears a bit because it may fall off in a little bit so I maybe could fix that.

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Bridge Building // Spaghetti

 Tai, Kanye, Fui and I have been making a truss bridge out of spaghetti for the past two - three weeks for Inquiry. The challenge for our whole inquiry group is mostly inspired by the James Dyson Foundation and the task was very hard to do. We had three supplies to build our bridges. The three supplies that we were supplied with was rubber bands, spaghetti and tape. Also our bridges had to withstand one - eight bricks which made this hard for most of us. Our bridge at least withstood two bricks which we found really good. The problem with our bridge was the deck or bottom of the bridge which didn't have enough strength to hold the bridge together. Although this challenge was very fun and the whole of our inquiry group enjoyed it very much.

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Comic art illustrator Michel Mulipola

Today we had a very special visitor called Michel Mulipola. He is a professional comic illustrator and is Samoan. He is a very cool man and does not like Fortnite! His favourite character is Green lantern because he thinks he is different from other characters from DC. He also makes awesome comics and sometimes he writes school journals! He also draws WWE Comics and actually made a comic about Dwayne Johnson's grand father! He also is a Semi Professional gamer and is the 12th best player in the Tekken community. One of many books that we have seen that he is illustrated, is a book called breathless. His art is very cool and the pictures at the top is two of his art pieces that I think are the best out of the art selection he showed us. Not only this but he drew a art collection of many different spider man's coming together. I found this really cool and interesting.

Reading presentation

Today all groups gathered together to share our each individual presentations. We have gained more knowledge from each others book by sharing our presentations to people in our group. This task was really fun as everyone's presentation was amazing!

Friday, 14 September 2018


This week for tech the year 7s has practised shading in with colours but for this practise we have used grey or just a simple pencil. This made it easier to shade. We also drew 3d and 2d shapes which was quite the fun experience!

Thursday, 13 September 2018

Kiwi Can

Today for Kiwi Can group B has had a talk about Perseverance. Perseverance actually is one of many quality's but a big one too. To persevere you need to keep trying, try not to get frustrated and even if you don't like a certain something you still keep trying. A good time to use this quality is using it in work, school, tests or renting something you really want its all up to you. Although continuing on what happened in Kiwi Can we played two games. Linking and Invisible touch. Linking is a game where there is one tagger and when they tag someone the person who is tagged must link hands with the person that is tagged. Then they both go around tagging other people and when a third person links with the two taggers then the tagger in the middle can no longer tag because the end people has the opportunity to tag people now. The second game was playing touch but the ball is invisible although everything else is the same

Wednesday, 12 September 2018


Today for maths we have learnt about Exponents. Exponents is another word for power. In my DLO I will show you how to solve exponents or the power and the answers to some of the Exponents we have been given this week!

Why bridges are built

Why do we build bridges?

Bridges help us today all over the world for specific reasons. Bikes, cars and skateboards use bridges to make transport faster and easier. Bridges are built to get from point A across to point B faster and easier.

Unfortunately in the past the Tamaki bridge we know today did not exist in the 18th century. Thus crossing the river was peoples only choice to get to their destination. Taking punts or boats were the only common choices to get across faster and easier. Although sometimes there was a consequence to crossing. People would drown in the process of getting across. This made the river very dangerous to some people, it was so common that drowning was called the New Zealand disease.

In the 19th century in 1865 the first bridge was built and was the start of fast transport. Currently taking a bridge is fast transport for most of us. But again traveling back in time people had to pay to cross the Tamaki bridge in the 19th century. This also was the start for dry transport.

Bridges weren’t only for dry transport, but also for boats too. Underneath bridges boats had the ability to cross without the water system crashing. This made it easier for boats to cross underneath the bridge while cars could drive on the bridge too. Some bridges that are built can actually split in half and open for boats to cross.

It’s easier to see the truth on why people build bridges now. The point was that it could save lives, faster transport and for boats to cross the river. There's much more than just the view from a bridge or just crossing it.

Today our writing group has written a explanation piece on why do we build bridges? This task included formal writing, Facts and more information telling us why we build bridges. I was able to explain the importance of why it was good for boats to cross the river underneath, It was faster transport and how they stopped many lives from drowning which was commonly named the New Zealand disease.

Thursday, 6 September 2018

Orchestra Trip!

Today, most people in LS2 had the great opportunity to visit the town hall in Auckland.We watched a orchestra performance. The actual presentation was called Kiwi Kapers, in Auckland. The musicians had presented three pieces. This was a very special opportunity and the music was very calming and relaxing. Some of the pieces even sounded similar to music some of us know! A soloist had also presented a very great piece of music that was based off a bull fight. There also was dance group from St Kens / Ngatapawae, who did a excellent performance dancing. There was also different instruments played at the orchestra and there were four groups. The Brass group, Woodwind group, Strings group and Percussion group. The brass group consists of the french Trombone, Trumpet and the Tuba. The Woodwind group consists of the flutes, Clarinet, Oboe and the Bassoon. The Strings group consisted of the Harp, Violin, Viola, Cello and the double bass. Finally the Percussion group was a mix of the Drums, Symbols and the triangle. We had so much fun watching the excellent performances coming from the orchestra and we hope to come again!

Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Tongan Language week.

This week has been Tongan Language week and me Miana and Florence has been working on a DLO about Tonga! This activity was fun and since I had the opportunity to work with people out of my comfort zone it has been a pleasure with them both helping me. We firstly made a google draw about a family but they are all titled in Tongan names. We have also made a DLO about the Tongan culture and how to pronounce the days of the week, Sentences or words in Tongan, Numbers in Tongan and Months in Tongan. We hope this helps you!

Tuesday, 4 September 2018

VR experience.

Today, our class has been lucky enough to do the VR experiment with Yvonne and her research team. We had so much fun doing this activity and we learnt lots! Learning in VR really made my day. We also had two VR gadgets which were the Magic Window and the Cardboard Device. My table was able to use the magic window this week which was on the Ipads. For now I will be talking about the tests we had. There were two different tests, gaining our skill to see. The first test was to read the letters covering one eye and swapping eyes to read the same thing again. After we had to walk along a strip of tape on the floor. The second test was a little bit harder. We had to wear glasses that made our vision see pop outs of pictures in a book. Now I will be talking about what we did for the magic window and the VR card board. First the Magic Window was used to do email service, crossing bridges to get to Pakuranga and Panmure and to deliver packages or mails. Next the VR cardboard. The other bits of people who got to use those learnt or built a bridge using the materials given to them in the VR experience. A big big thank you to Yvonne and her reaserch team for organising this special event for our class. We also give a huge thank you for bringing us a special pizza lunch!

Monday, 3 September 2018

Colon activity.

Sentences using colons

L.I. - using colons correctly
The colons are missing from these sentences. Please add them in.

There are two choices at this time: run away or fight.
We knew who would win the game: the Eagles
He wanted to see three cities in Italy: Rome, Florence and Venice.
Remember: Two can play at that game.
She kept repeating: “I really want that car!”
Barry wanted to know why I didn’t respond to his text: I hadn’t received it.
Here are three states that begin with M: Michigan, Mississippi and Maine.
You can come pick me up now: I am feeling much better.
Never forget this point: Think before you speak.
This house has everything I need: two bedrooms, a backyard and a garage.
The town reminded me of my childhood vacations: both were on the beach.
I have several favorite genres of movies: drama, science fiction and mystery.
This was first said by Shakespeare: “To thine own self be true.”
I bought a lot of meat at the store: bacon, turkey, chicken and tuna.
The world’s a stage: play your role well.
The new boss has many nice traits: friendly, outgoing and fair.
These are my favourite colours: purple, turquoise, pink and yellow.

For writing I have learned about colons and how they work. We had a task to do that really made our brains think. Although I really enjoyed the task because I found it kind of easy. I found the first task easy because I could identify the pauses in sentences and that's how I knew where the colons were supposed to be. The second bit to this activity was to illustrate one of the sentences in the first activity. I decided that the last sentence was simple and easy for me to illustrate so I did that one. After that I have written a short description of how the colon was used in the sentence I chose.

Sensory Verbs

For writing today, we have started with sensory verbs. The key word in the word is Sense. Sense stands for the five senses. Touch, Hearing, Smell, Sight and Taste. Those five words listed our are senses.  I have decided that the most time consuming one was the picture above. We also had a quiz, that we had to solve. For example using the picture above again you have to choose which sense would fit.

Josefa and the vu

Image result for josefa and the vu

For the past two weeks our group Savelina, Fui and I has been reading a book called Josefa and the vu. The main character in the book is called Josefa. Josefa is currently in middle school and has two older brothers named Timoci and Solomone. He is very anxious when inside school grounds but really confident at home. He sadly gets bullied at school for being a little over weighted than the rest of the kids at his school. His biggest problem is Jack Buck'sworth. He is over all the most popular boy but meanest at the school. Jack tries his very best to bully him and to get on his nerve... But Josefa one day had ran around the field because of a single accident that he hadn't caused, and found himself face to face with his ancestor or the vu. Then one day Jack had came to his house and stole the Tabua! ( Whales tooth) from his family! This was really special and it was a very important thing passed down from generation to generation apparently a bad spirit now haunts the city because of this... Currently the vu is talking to Josefa about this. I predict that the vu will lead him into a clearer path to get the Tabua back and to stop the curse!

Friday, 31 August 2018

Evaluation of my Animated story

In the context of (in the neighbourhood) I will design and produce a (An animated story) for (Teens 12 - 17 years old) to be used to (Panmure station and the purpose is to inform the viewer that how teens get to school by themselves.

My Animated story is currently under construction. Could yu please help me by giving be giving me feed back on my concesptual design of my animated story.

Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Cinema problem solving

This week for maths our maths group worked out three maths problems. Although for the real task we had to choose one problem and make a DLO about it! I chose the cinema problem and I was able to explain how I got the answer 4 in my DLO too. The problem is also in the bottom left corner of my DLO !

Analogue time

Analogue Time.

So as most of us know, we humans usually count on our phones,
iPads or computers to read digital time, instead of reading analogue time.
But look no further because I am able to teach you how to read analogue time!

There are three hands on a analogue clock, or two for a common one.
Each hand tells bits of time, like the short hand or the long hand.
They all tell the proper time. So let’s take a further look at the short hand first.

When the shorthand travels around the clock it tells the hour.
For example if the time was nine fourteen the short hand would be on nine,
because it’s the hour hand.
Sometimes people even call the short hand the hour hand.
Also analogue time always has a short hand,
and so that’s how you would be able to tell the difference
between the long hand and the short hand.

Now you know what the short hand tells,
I will explain how the long hand and the face works.
Firstly we will talk about the long hand,
and how it works and what it talks about.
So the long hand tells the minutes on a analogue clock.
Another example is pretend the time is still nine fourteen,
thus the minutes would be fourteen.
Now the face is basically the clock itself and the numbers included.
It’s basically the area of the clock.

Now that we have talked about the face,
shorthand and longhand I will be explaining the numerals on a analogue clock.
The numerals on a clock is basically the numbers most of us already know

Most of us know how much easier it is to read analogue time instead of using
iPads or computers to read digital time we can now read
off a clock on the wall or a watch!

This week I have published my writing work about how the analogue time works. Analogue time is not that hard to understand. Although even I had those times where I got stuck on figuring out what the time was on a analogue clock. Now that I understand, with my work I have published I hope you do too!

Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Water view and Gotthard tunnel

For this activity me and Fui have blogged about the water view tunnel and the Gotthard tunnel.
We had to make a venn diagram about the two and we also had to compare them.
This activity taught us both a lot and we hope this helps you too. Apparently a couple of people died in the building of the Gotthard tunnel and it takes at least 160 people to build the water view tunnel! Also these two tunnels both are very unique and go up to a fast speed!

Purpose of tunnels

In week 1, me and Fui made a presentation on the purpose of tunnels.
We gathered information about these tunnels and managed to get thru a lot of tunnels.
We were also able to find facts about them like the navigation tunnel and how they are like forks and split.

Thursday, 23 August 2018

Blog commenting

Today I have commented on both Hajera and Aung Naings blog posts about there scale drawings. Both scale drawings were equally good, and in the end they both turned out very well. Hajera drew Olaf and Aung Naing drew Deku. The colours and shading were both well shaded and they both resemble there images well too! Also I think it would be a good idea to check out there blog posts see there final designs of Olaf and Deku!

Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Sky tower trip

Today LS2, LS1 and room 5 visited the Sky Tower to learn about its features and bits of Auckland too. This was a huge opportunity for us, because some people may have not gotten the the chance to go to the Sky Tower before. Our class was split into two groups, and both groups got the chance to walk around the Sky Tower. Each group went to three stations, the theatre, the observation deck and the emergency refuge. Each room was a part of the Sky Tower and had lots of details to them. We learnt about the Sky Tower by watching some clips in the theatre and we got a lovely view of Auckland from the observation deck. The emergency room, also had unique features as well. The walls, ground and doors were fire proof, which made the room incredibly strong. Although we couldn't have gone on this amazing trip without the help of Douglas Bates. We all thank him so much for the donation he gave our school, to get the chance to go to the Sky Tower. Another person who helped us was Mr Dobson so a big thank you to him for being a parent helper.

Why is sleep important?

Our presentation

This term we have been working collaboratively within our READ groups to find information that will expand our knowledge about sleep. For this topic we have been answering the questions we needed to answer to create a presentation which will hopefully showcase the amount of learning and skills we have picked up along the way. Since the beginning week of this topic we have chosen a leader who helped us stay on track and made sure that we were worked collaboratively within our group. While we were trying to improve our knowledge about sleep we all partook so as a guideline we used the reciprocal reading technique. In reciprocal reading we have someone who summarises the text, a questioner, a leader, a person who helps clarify confusing material found in a text, and also a predictor. While doing this activity we were asked to book our own guided sessions as we needed help with the question, does technology effect our sleeping patterns and also we were asked to choose a time where Mrs Anderson will help us learn how to infer. To learn how to infer we looked at the rooms children around the world have to sleep in and answered does everyone get a healthy sleep. Our group answered no as some of them are at risk of getting while others are always on the lookout for danger as they sleep in an open space. To summarise our learning we created a presentation which answers all the questions asked by Mrs Anderson. Today we showed all the reading groups what we have done and we all spoke proudly and we were all proud of our efforts. While learning about sleep we learnt that melatonin was the hormone produced in our bodies to regulate our sleeping patterns. I found this interesting because I didn't know that our bodies produce more than one hormone.

Monday, 20 August 2018

Scale drawing / Maths week

Last week, our class has been doing scale drawing. The scale drawing activity started with a practise grid, which we had to draw either a butterfly or a lion. Doing scale drawing takes a lot of time, and each sketch must be in a box each. Next we all went on the internet to look for a picture to draw on a ratio of 1:2. We also had to enlarge our grids so the scale factor would be 2. This was also my first attempt at doing scale drawing, which I really enjoyed. The best part in my opinion would be colouring in and shading my drawing. In the end I also really liked the way both eyes were shaded, because it lets off a nice blend of colours. Although I found it really hard to draw box by box because I was really hoping to see the end results quicker then expected. Next time we do scale drawing, I will most likely take time drawing in each box to get a better result. But in the end I was really proud of my drawing, and I can't wait till next time.

Thursday, 16 August 2018

Weasel Poem

Image result for weasels

I am cute
I am small,
but that is not all.
I may look harmless
and tender,
But I am quite slender.
I may be small
and weigh so little,
but I am so much more, than those beasts (people) may figure.

For writing last week we have created a poem, including how we would be if we were looking through there eyes. I thought for a very long time, and came up with a weasel to mix things up and make mine different to others. I was very happy with the ending of my poem and people really liked it too! My favourite poem from other people would be Sky's poem about kittens!

Story ideas/ tech

For tech I also made story ideas! The three ideas all link to each other. The first idea was about how two girls named Gloria and Faith are teens and take the bus to there destination. The second is when they were younger and they were not allowed to take the bus or walk by them selves, and instead walk with there parents. Unfortunately I couldn't finish the third idea.

Back drop ideas.

For tech I have also made some backdrop ideas! The first two is made by me too. The first one is how Gloria or Faith would be taking the bus, because there older and there parents have more trust in them and the second when there little and they walk with there parents. The third is just there bed room though and was taken from scratch.

Digitech / Sprites

For tech we have been making sprites! My two main sprites is Gloria ( The brown haired girl ) and Faith ( the black haired girl ). The two little ones are the little version of Gloria and Faith. My favourite out of all of these sprites is Gloria! She was the first sprite I made and I was very happy with the results for her character.

Kiwi can

Last week for Kiwi Can,
We talked about goal settings, and why it is important to set goals for yourself.
It is very important to set goals, because it will set you up for your future goals in life.
Our activity was golden child which was awesome!
We showed a great team effort and we were able to get some people out.
I really enjoyed this session and hope to do,
golden child again!

Kiwi can

This week for kiwi can we have learn't about problem solving and how it affects our lives.
 It is important to problem solve with each other, to make work better, to create better ideas and to finish a job! 
Our activity was rock paper scissors, we had to get into partners and vs each other face to face. Also our main game we played was hand soccer! It was also a great activity to do. 

Tech reflection

Today for tech we have been working on our detail designs and our shared survey. We all gave our opinions about which character should be the main one, the main background and the main story idea. I really liked the amount of effort that was put in to most of the year 7 surveys. They were very creative, and there was so much wizard theme ones too, which seemed to interest me. I really enjoyed tech, it was fun and it was great to hear that people were giving feed back.

Friday, 10 August 2018

Why is sleeping healthy / FINAL DLO

For the past three week my reading group has been studying about sleep and why its so important for our health and lives. For the first two weeks we have had some sessions with our teachers about sleep and if we get the right amount of sleep. Not only this but we have also gained more and more inferring skills. Our group has been getting along for the past three weeks and we were able to manage, and finish off our final DLO we will be presenting. This will be quite exciting as we will also gain more confidence! 

Medi cube opening

Yesterday PBS had a special opening of our very own Medi Cube. We are the first school in the country to have our very own. Not only this but 50 very special vips joined in with the gathering. This was exciting for us, as their will be no payments to have a check up and we will be provided with free medicine. Star ships company and barfoot and Thompson joined us. This was very exciting and their was even a joke thrown into it ! The following joke was what is a legless cow? GROUND BEEF ! Funny, right? Other than that we also proudly presented it opened right here in Panmure Bridge school!

Monday, 6 August 2018

Cook Island language week

Last week was Cook Island language week. Celebrating the culture Viva, Kanye, Coree, Jona and I, have made a DLO about the culture and all of the special things they do. I am Cook Island myself and I can pronounce the words very well ! My group has wrote about the food they eat, traditional clothing, The flag, some translation, How much languages are in the Cook Islands, Interesting facts and the distance.

Thursday, 2 August 2018

Inkheart / poppy blog post comment

This week I have commented on Poppy's blog from ruma tahi school. Her post about the book inkheart inspired me so much to read it! It was about a group of friends fighting to get back to there magical dimension.

Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Do we all have the chance to get a healthy sleep?

For reading I have collaborated with Freeman, Jeremiah, Ofa, Affonso and Mataio. Our group had the chance to have a decision about answering two questions. We booked in two slots, but we first started with, do we all get the chance to get a healthy sleep? We used our inferring skills to compare two kids bed rooms and who got the healthier sleep and who didn't. By using our inferring skills we managed to describe the features of the picture, if they got a healthy sleep and how hard it would be to fall asleep. Although if you are not aware of what inferring means, then it is just reading between the lines to find clues to answer questions or guessing something that YOU think is true. The site we used will be linked here >> Where children sleep .

Friday, 27 July 2018


Today I have made a poster / DLO about Anaesthetist's and how they work, how much they get paid, what they need to learn to get in and why I wanted to be a Anaesthetist. The back story behind this, is that I really enjoy helping people through pain. Basically I want to help people out by putting them to sleep for a good amount of time so the pain is all over for them. It is pretty pain full when getting surgery done, so I think its best if they rest for a bit. Although even if I haven't had surgery, I still feel pain and I wont lie it hurts. So in the future I want to help people through that experience.

Career quest.

Today LS2 has token a quiz about careers and what kind of careers you can chose from. Either you want to be a nurse or some one who likes tech ! Its your choice. The website I used is called career Quest. For me I really want to be someone who helps someone after or during surgery. So basically I really want to be a Anaesthetist

Friday, 6 July 2018

Pros and cons

Today Jona, Coree, Harlem, Viva and I have been looking at the differences of living in a lighthouse ( pros and cons) and we decide whats good about living in a lighthouse and the bad side of living in a lighthouse. We have thought of some creative ideas.

Wednesday, 4 July 2018


This week I have made a google draw about a light house I found that was on sale. Using my smart searching skills I found a lighthouse on sale from Scotland ! We had to find out the amount of money the light house had costed and had to exchange it to New Zealand dollars. The light house I was able to find was Cantick head lighthouse. We also had to write about why we would like to "Buy" the light house we had chosen. I thought that is had peaceful open spaces and how it was near the water with amazing views!!

Chicago sports team

This week group 4 (Viva, Kanye, Coree, Jona and I) has made a blog post about the best Chicago teams! We have wrote about the Black Hawks, Chicago Bears, Chicago Bulls, The Sox and The Cubs.Our group all had a sports team we wrote about and put in some images. These are the pairs:       
Black Hawks : Me
Chicago Bears: Kanye
Chicago Bulls: Viva
The Sox: Coree
The Cubs: Jona

Matariki celebration

Today we had a Matariki celebration !! This was a fun and exciting day as we got a free sausage sizzle! I also got to celebrate by doing a awesome Pacific dance! 
Some of the other preforming groups are:
Senior kapa haka
Junior kapa haka.


Today LS2 had collaborated with LS1 for the day to make a wonderful Matariki poster or DLO.
Nicole, Sakina, Chavda and I have all created a DLO together.
A lot of group discussions occurred but all worked out in the end.
With each of our skills we managed to make a slide each and expressed what we learnt about Matariki.
The ideas our group shared was great and made the DLO better than we expected it to be.
We all used our smart searching skills to find out more about Matariki and how Maori people celebrate it.
Some of our facts were from different websites, but written in our own words.
But we all had to use some of our prior knowledge about Matariki too.  

Tuesday, 26 June 2018

M&M Predictions and facts

This week Viva, Kanye, Coree, Jona and I have made a DLO about M&M's. This linked to our maths sessions because yesterday we made a graph about how much M&M's we had, but before that process our class had a individual ideas about popular M&M colour and how much are in a 1.47 dollar M&M packet.

Friday, 22 June 2018

Casey and Jeff animated story /example

This is an example of an animated story that I have re created from scratch.

The components used to create this story includes: Speech bubbles, Characters, Back drops.

The codes that I used to re create the story includes:

 Events to make the characters know that there talking,
green code to start the story,
Looks script to to in able the sprites to talk,
Control to make the story stop for 1 second and then change to another back drop,
 back drops to make the story,
Back drops to make the story change into something more interesting,

Friday, 15 June 2018

DigiTech project - Intial planning

In Digi tech we started our Initial planning for our animations. This included completing the following tasks.

Context brainstorm
Conceptual statements
Planning time frames.

The purpose of the context brainstorm is to record all the Tamaki neighbour hoods and places.

The purpose of the Conceptual statement is to inform the viewer about what your animated story is going to be about.

The purpose of the Planning time frames is to list out the planning and time counts.

Thursday, 14 June 2018

Kiwi can

This week group b attended kiwi can. Our topic for kiwi can this term has changed and is now accountability. Our theme is still Integrity but we are focusing on accountability for now. Accountability means taking responsibility of our own actions. At Panmure Bridge School we show accountability by setting ourselves up for success and to stay on task in class. Kiwi can is here to teach us about the key values in life and are here to help us to set our selves up for the future. Another accountable thing is making sure we have our PE gear on Thursday. Our energiser this week was green light and our activity was copy me.

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Colloquialism and Slang

 During reading today our group learnt about Colloquialisms and Slang. By creating this dlo we were able to make a stronger connection about these two language we have learnt about. We have worked together by talking about our understandings together as a group.

Friday, 8 June 2018

Presenters for assembly

Today John and I had presented at assembly for term 2, week 6. Everyone gets a turn to present and present duffy. Also last night we had student led conferences which was a amazing time.


Today it was my first time arriving at tech. Our teacher Ms Anderson is our digital tech teacher and is a very nice person. She taught us the basics of animations and how it works. Chavda had helped me with the process due to not being here today.

Thursday, 31 May 2018

Kiwi sport

This week our touch rugby teacher taught us some of the basic rules in touch rugby. After LS2 group B learnt the basics of passing backwards,side ways and forwards. Some times people don't allow people to pass forward but for now it kinda makes it easy for us.

Clothing in the 1870's

This week LS2 made DLOS on topics in the 1870's. Chavda, Joel , Viva and me. We have made a DLO with information about clothing in the 1870's. Some of the information I have gathered is that most hair styles in the 1870's is thick braids. We all had a role to finish our clothing in the 1870's. We mainly focused on the dresses women wear.

Friday, 25 May 2018

Tech / the last day of Mr Grundy's Pewter casting group

Tech last term and quarter this term was amazing and fun. Mr Grundy has taught us a lot about pewter casting. This was a very fun lesson we had and hope to come again and learn more from Mr Grundy. Recapping on what we did at the very start was finding the designs we want and who want to make it for. Then we started drawing on a piece of wood then cut it out. After that Mr Grundy poured the Metal Pewter inside of the mold and let it set for a while.  Then we cut the top part off and starting to file it. Then we used sandpaper to get it to a nice look then we used water and a special liquid to finish it off. Thank you so much Mr Grundy !

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Travel Data

This week Ms Kirkpatrick's maths group has been catching up on our maths work. I have blogged today about what the most popular way for secondary and primary kids to get to school. After answering both those questions we then decided what the best way over all to get to school was for both schools. Then Ms Kirkpatrick's maths group all gathered together to see the results of who walked, took the bus, dropped off to school or biked to school.

Monday, 21 May 2018

Speech mark texting story.

“Hi!” said Nathaniel.
“Hi Nathaniel.” replied River.
“We are going to the movies later,
want to tag along?”
asked Nathaniel.
“Sure!” said River.
“Okay me, Travis and Aaron will see you at 6.”
replied Nathaniel.
“Okay see you later!” said River.

Today Ms Kirkpatrick's writing group has had another speech mark practise by using the fake I phone texting site >Fake I phone texting site. This is a really good practise for us and to use speech marks properly. We started writing a normal conversation on the Iphone texting site and finished off writing on a google doc. Although we used speech marks to edit the messages on the doc. This was a fun yet easy task because we practised and did this exercise last week. 

Friday, 18 May 2018

Pewter casting / workbook

Today at tech Mr Grundy's class our the year 7 group have been finishing off our work books to get a better score for half this term and last term. 

Thursday, 17 May 2018

Speech mark writing

“Hey!” said Chevrolet
“Hi Chevrolet.” replied Luna
“How is chemistry?” asked Chevrolet
“It’s okay I guess… How is art class?” replied Luna
“Great! Lara got top of the class with her painting though, which was a surprise.” said Chevrolet
“Oh, what did you draw though?” texted Luna
“Sunrise on the horizon” replied Chevrolet
“Okay well I gotta go or else I'll get to distracted” Luna said
“Bye!” replied Chevrolet

This week Ms Kirkpatrick's group used fake iPhone texting site. Our priority job was to use Speech marks. For example : "Wyatt what happened to your leg!". That is one of many examples you can use in one of your stories or ect.