Saturday, 22 December 2018

Summer learning journey / Week 1 Day 4

5 Questions I would ask Sir Edmund Hillary about his life.

1 ( When you were young do you think you would get to this point or did you have any dreams about climbing Mt Everest.

2 ( If you hadn't climbed Everest what would you do?

3 ( Did you have faith all the way up the mountain? ETC did you think of giving up?

For this activity I had to write down three questions I would ask Sir Edmund Hillary about his life. I took thought into these questions as I wanted to make them count. My first question is the my over all one I would ask him. 

Summer learning journey / Week 1 Day 3

1) The name of the animal the WWF is working to save.
The animals the WWF is working to save is Tigers but there main goal is to save endangered Saimaa seal pups / Saimaa seals.

2) What the WWF is doing to help the animals.
Seals usually give birth to pups on snow mounts and if not the pups may have to be given birth on ice which isn't good because one predators are free to get them, they will get cold and because of human disturbance so the WWF is building snow banks for them.

3) What, if any, success they have had protecting the animal.

There will be more Saimaa seals in the world because currently there are about 360 individuals left.

Summer learning journey / Week 1 Day 3

Summer learning journey : Week 1 Day 3
Image result for chevron skink

I think I would like to become a wild life DOC ranger. I think this because in my opinion I love animals and wild life itself. It would also be amazing to meet a uncommon Chevron Skink. For our activity this week was finding out about what DOC ranger's do and learning bits about the Chevron Skink. After we found out some information we had to list three pros ( good ) and three cons ( bad ) about working as a DOC ranger.

Friday, 21 December 2018

Summer learning journey : Week 1 day 3

Summer learning journey : Week 1 Day 3

Summer learning journey : Week 1 Day 2

Summer learning journey : week 1 day 2

Image result for silver ferns uniform
Silver ferns

Image result for black ferns
Black ferns

Image result for football ferns
Football ferns.

For this activity we had to use our smart re searching skills to find three different teams with the name fern in there team names. I was able to find the Silver ferns, Black Ferns and Football ferns. I actually found all three teams amazing re presenters of New Zealand!

Summer learning journey : Week 1 Day 2

Summer learning journey : Week 1 Day 2
Image result for tane mahuta tree
I would like to visit Tane Mahuta one day. My reasons for this is because I could learn more about the history and also get the full experience and see more of the true beauty of nature. Also the endemic tree at the Tane Mahuta walk has a story. I also love seeing the true beauty of nature and everything about it. I find nature amazing and unique. Especially because it has a story behind it. Also without nature we wouldn't have most of the things we have today.

Summer learning journey : Week 1 day 1

Summer learning journey : Week 1 day 1
Today I have written things to be cyber smart online. I believe that being cyber smart online will keep you safe. Sometimes you may be tempted to do stuff online that you first think isn't such a good idea but you still want to try it because your friends want too. Remember being cyber smart is a good thing to follow and learn. Hopefully you agree with what I wrote inside the digital footprint helpful to follow online.

Summer learning journey : Week 1 day 1

Summer learning journey week 1 day 1.

For my whole life I have lived in Auckland a city in New Zealand. I find living in Auckland really cool and most of the time its really sunny and hot when it comes to weather in Auckland. People that I meet are friendly and there are many amazing places to visit like the Sky Tower, The Auckland Museum and other amazing places linked to Auckland. I'm proud to have Auckland as my home town. Also Auckland is the largest city in New Zealand ! I really enjoy visiting different places and generally meeting new nice people around my country. Around the city there are lots of parks you can visit that can keep you entertained. Night markets also are scattered around which are pretty cool places you should go too. Lots of food and games are show cased at the night markets. My favourite place to visit is the Sky Tower. Inside the sky tower are three stages. My favourite place in the Sky Tower is the restaurant Fortuna. 

Summer learning journey : week 1 day 1

Summer learning journey  : week 1 / activity 1

3 Fun Facts about New Zealand I found interesting!

There are no snakes native in New Zealand which surprised me a lot since I really thought that snakes are native to bits of New Zealand.

30% percent of the country is forest which I found interesting because for me I thought New Zealand was a really wild life country home to many animals.

I never knew that the largest city in New Zealand is actually Auckland and not the capital city Wellington.

Monday, 17 December 2018

Who Am I? / Research

This week Chavda and I has been working on a google presentation on Who Am I ? We have researched different people that was firstly unknown and we had to use our smart searching skills to find out who they were. Each person are different and has different backstories to each one. Although I really learnt a lot when researching about the people featured in our google slide and I also had some help from a few friends. I really enjoyed doing this task as I gained a lot of knowledge and I also found out more about other famous people that helped the world by doing something good.

Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Bill Hamilton

Today Magenta, Joel, Chavda and I has done a team challenge which included only 4 people in each group. Our topic that we researched about was a famous kiwi inventor. As a group Magenta, Joel, Chavda and I agreed on the same inventor which was Bill Hamilton. We created a DLO to show how Bill Hamilton created the first Jet boat. The first jet boat that was created was named after Bill Hamilton last name. 
We created our own characters to show a conversation between a reporter and Bill Hamilton.  Bill Hamilton created it because he had a dream about crossing a river back to his home land or home.

Tuesday, 11 December 2018

City of sails tasks.

Yesterday I started doing activities from the City if sails matrix sheet. I have made 5 DLO's in total. All of them link to Auckland but mainly New Zealand its self. I decided to make a DLO about 5 New Zealand Native Plants and Animals, Pavlova recipes, A Auckland Collage, Tourist Itinerary and a gif about Auckland or New Zealand places. I found out lots of information when researching these tasks. I found them very cool and I may even try out the pavlova recipe I wrote out. Also most of the pictures in my collage I would really like to visit as I haven't visited every bit in New Zealand. Although I think that the city of sails tasks are very cool and mainly teaches me a lot about Auckland ( New Zealand ). My favourite task out of all five was the Gif I made. I really liked it because I was able to find different pieces linked to New Zealand. I also hope you can learn something from my 5 DLOs.

Monday, 10 December 2018

Steam punk / Queen Victoria (Victorian)

This week we have been learning about steam punk art and about the old Victorian times. Firstly Chavda and I has made a DLO explaining more about Queen Victoria and her past life. I have also been able to draw a picture of a steam punk owl on paper and digitally. I am very proud with the results. Although the definition about steam punk is like modern times mixed with the Victorian times.

Friday, 7 December 2018

Manaiakalani speech

Today year 7s has presented there scripts to become one of the school leaders. As nervous as I was
I still was dedicated to becoming manaiakalani leader for 2019. I really tried my best and I had pride
and passion in my speech. Even if I didn't do good I still gave it a go. Lots of other year 7s had lots
of amazing speeches too and I really enjoyed hearing them. Even if I don't make the part I still though I did

Friday, 30 November 2018

Colour theory - Tech

Today for tech the year 7s has practised colouring patterns and generally colouring in. We firstly made our own colour wheel and learnt about the three prime colours. Red,Blue and Yellow. Here is the link to my colour wheel Colour theory I learnt that red,blue and yellow are primary colours because when they mix these colours come out as secondary. Green, Purple and orange. Although you can make darker colours depending on how much of the other colour you mix with another prime colour. Next we drew out a logo and colour it in with Analogous and complementary colours. Analogous means same or close colours like with mine I used purple, dark blue and a normal shade of blue. Complementary is like the opposite of primary colours for example my green,orange and red / pink coloured in fire fox.

Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Leader ship challenge

This week the year 7s have been doing some leadership activities. In the hall we were making diamond cubes as a collaborative group. We were learning about team work. Team work is a team that works together threw different challenges. We played different games that helps us work together as team. At the end my group: Joel,Fui,Joseph and I teamed up with another team to make the largest diamond cube. 

Paper Air plane challenge

Today for another leader ship challenge we have participated in another challenge. We had to make independent air planes and come back together to test them out. We had moved to the junior play ground and had a test throw to see who placed first. In the end chavda was able to win for our group and go in the final round for testing out our planes. Although I felt very achieved as I came second and got 11meters from the line in the hall.

Friday, 23 November 2018


Today we have had a fun day of athletics. There was lots of fun activity's and a whole verity of different things to do. The different activity's were shot put, Sponge race, Discus, Long jump, Rob the nest, sprints, egg and spoon race and life savers. My favourite sport was the sponge race because it my team had good sports man ship when losing and because it was very fun. I liked sliding under the pole and jumping over the rope to dip the sponge in the water and run back.  Although I really had fun with the other sports but after lunch we had sprints. I was able to come third!

Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Stan walker

Today I have created a DLO about Stan walker. He has faced lots of bad things in his life but picked them back up and kept going. He has used lots of excellence and innovation in his life too. 


Today I have completed another excellence care award task. This is about finding a inspirational quote and writing about what it means. I really got inspired by the weakness poster and never giving up when it happens. 

My personal passion

This is another one of my excellence care award tasks. I have completed my personal passion DLO. I have a big passion for drawing. I enjoy drawing because it lets me be creative with what I draw. The two drawings show cased on my DLO are two of my all time favourites!

3 Novels

For my excellence and innovation care awards I have created another DLO about 3 novels I have read in a term this year. I have written short summary's on Amulet, Josefa And The Vu, and Drama. I really enjoyed reading these books, because they really hooked me in by the vocabulary, pictures and settings. Although my favourite book out of the three is Amulet. I am very interested in Amulet, because the vocabulary and drawings make the story interesting. I am also very into adventure which also hooked me in.

Emily Gravett

For my excellence and innovation care awards I have made a DLO about Emily Gravett. She is a British author, a kids illustrator and a writer. She has written lots of interactive books like little mouse's big book of fears, Wolves, and Meerkat Mail. She is a very creative writer and all the pictures in her books were all illustrated by her. I have written three short summary's from three of her books. I have also listed facts about her books and her self. My favourite book so far written and illustrated by her was little mouse's big book of fears. I like this book because it teaches me different phobias and some of them I could actually relate too.

Friday, 16 November 2018


Today I have made a DLO about what I believe wolves (myths) and the truth about it (facts). I was able to find out lots of information about wolves and it helped me a lot too. One of my most biggest questions were " Are there alphas and omegas in packs?" While researching I found out that there are alphas and omegas. The alphas are the highest rank in a pack and the omegas are the lowest rank. Although that doesn't mean a omega can be as strong and powerful as a alpha.


Yesterday I have made a DLO about Meerkats. Meerkats are very interesting animals that like in the kalahari dessert in a nice hot climate. The block circles around there eyes reflect the sun off so there eyes do not get damaged or hurt. In my DLO I have talked about different facts about meerkats.

Thursday, 15 November 2018

What makes a good book?

Today I have made a graph for what makes a good book. What our class really liked the most in a good book is the words. There was a score up to 8 but it only got to 7. 

Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Differences between fiction and nonfiction.

This is officially our third activity for our book week challenge. I enjoyed this because we used our own knowledge to complete this task. We hope this will help others with the difference of Fiction and Nonfiction books.

3 genre of books we would never read.

Today Carl and I have made a DLO on three types of books we would never read... Although we had to give a explanation of why we wouldn't. In the end we decided on Science fiction, Drama and cook books.

How to take care of books.

Today Marieta and I has made a poster about how to take care of books for juniors. This poster will hopefully help juniors to respect there books and how they can. It is not a hard task to take care of books either. We have also made a explanation of why we should take care of books. There are many ways to take care of your own book. Three most important is having a case for it like a book bag, having no liquids near a book and no food near a book too.

Reading Pathway

This week in our school, Panmure bridge school is celebrating book week! I have made a reading path way of books I have read in my life. They all took me and a very interesting adventure and they all had a meaning and passion. The books on the following DLO is all my favourites that took me on a great journey. They bring back memories and helped me in the past. I really enjoyed making this reading pathway overall.

Friday, 9 November 2018

Art collage.

This week Angela and I has made four drawings (the 5th poppy not included). This activity was very fun as we took our time drawing our characters. I also really liked the idea of drawing instead! We have drawn two poppy's, a group of solider's, a solider and a gun. 

Armistice Commemoration.

Armistice day is a very important day to celebrate. It is part of the world as it is now the 100th armistice celebration. Our school has celebrated in our own armistice commemoration. We celebrate this because people part of the world has put so much effort into defending there country for peace. Although a representative apart of the army has come to visit us to tell us about what he and the army do for the world and to create peace. Although, we celebrate this because 16 million people died in world war 1. All those people fought for there country and for peace. But now they lay in honour of there country and world. They now rest. We created poppies to honour the ones who are now gone too. We are very honoured to remember those who have died.

Friday, 2 November 2018

Graphics / Flower designing

Today for tech we had a special guest from Tamaki College helping us out! Her name is Autumn and she is a year 12. She helped us with drawing our circles and colour choice. We had four options to draw different things. A flower, Star, Cube and squares. I have made a rainbow / Summer vibe kind of colouring choice. I really like how my design turned out and this activity was very fun too! The flowers at the top are more examples of different ones. I really like the yellow and red flower as it has lots of detail and depth put into it.

Thursday, 1 November 2018

Battle of the Somme

This week Joshua V, Marieta and I have answered questions on a DLO about the Battle Somme. We found the questions really interesting as they did fit the story but the questions were still very interesting to us. We did find some questions hard because we weren't collaborating that much but as we started working as a team we managed to finish! Although the story is on the slide and it is about Germany, France and the British war.

Days of the week Maori - Weather

Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Tundra Town

Tundra Town

Deep, in the depths of Atlantis a town like no other sits
and awaits the arrival of Terra.
It is known for its unimaginable magic that keeps Tundra town
alive. The buildings were a red velvet colour but the shape
was unbelievable.  Streamers were laced around and steps
were made of snow. Although this was nothing new to Terra.
She had explored lost cities around the earth. One of many
was the lost city of Atlantis which she had just explored.

As she threw on her large coat she could feel the heaviness
weigh her down. So for the time being she had took her
mammoth instead. The wind was large but the snow was
heavy among the Atlantis. As they arrived she took a deep
breath in and out. This was her first time getting a invitation
from a town she had discovered already.

The air was chilly against her face but the warm embrace
of her coat kept her sane. As she strode upon the city
she was amazed! The air heated up quickly as she
shambled up the snow stairs. “It’s been awhile Terra”
said a familiar voice. “Julia!” I say in excitement.
Thus I continued prancing around the city. . .

“Goodbye Tundra town!” I say in tears of joy.
This was the most fun and exciting after noon.
As I rode away on my mammoth I had also fed her
with one of the most famous treats. She mewled in
happiness as we rode home…

Friday, 26 October 2018

PE / Boxing

This term for PE we had boxing! This was very exciting for us as boxing is a very skilled sport to most people. Although its about practising over and over again. No matter if your bad you just need to keep pushing and you will get there in the end. We also did have values and rules for sport. Respect, discipline and safety. The rules were to stay safe, no harm to other people, respect EVERYONE and have fun! For our first lesson we learn't how to jab and cross. We also learnt how to get into a good position called the " rock ". This is called the rock because when someone tries to throw a punch at you, you will have a higher chance of not falling down backwards or side ways.

Tech blog post / TinkerCad

Today for tech we have still continued with our tech designs on TinkerCad. I am almost finished as my phone stand just needs to have the bit where the phone stands. Although I am very proud of my design as I have made it myself by hand on TinkerCad. We still have enjoyed making our phone stands though. I have managed to finish most of my design which is a bunny laying down. I will place the phone bit on the back of the bunny. I will show my final design when it is completed by this design is my old creation which was not bad at first but when I compared it to my new design I saw a lot of improvement it my new design.

Friday, 19 October 2018

Tinker cad designing

 Today on the first day back at tech we have made a start to our digital phone holder. We first planned out what our deign would look like, and I really liked the idea of a bunny because the back bit of it could hold the phone. We have used Tinkercad to do our design. We also got some ideas from thingy verse. We have started to develop our design first. We used a variety of shapes and holes to start with my design. I had to make sure that everything was in place and perfect too. Although I am not done with my design but the finishing piece will be soon! 

Thursday, 18 October 2018

Shake out!

This week Sky and I have made a screen casitfy and poster talking about the awareness of shake out and a emergency earth quake. This was a serious cause as the shake out alarm happens on the 18th or October 9:30am for most schools around the world. This will inform you to drop, cover and hold. Hopefully our Poster and screen castify will help you if a earthquake occurs.

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

That Was Winter

This week for writing we have written a poem about our Winter stories that happened this year. We made our own version of our Winter experience which made each individual poem unique and different to each others. We also illustrated a picture from our poem and mixed the two to make it look like a journal book. I decided to draw a cup of hot chocolate because I love hot chocolate and because I enjoyed feeling the warmth and smell coming from the hot chocolate too. I really enjoyed writing this week too because we got to be creative with our drawings and poems.

Friday, 28 September 2018


Today I tried to make a character in Tinkercad. This was a really fun activity because we got to learn about how the camera moves and how we can drag and drop objects. After 11 sessions we got to create our own character. It took a lot of time because I thought that the camera movements were a little hard to control but I was able to make a good looking character!

Friday, 21 September 2018

Product design.

Today the year 7 graphics group has made 3d models of our own design. This design would support a phone because the back ears make the phone stand on the actual design and the the split in the middle is where the phone would stand. The shape of my design is mainly a circle but the over all design is a monkey. I may be able to fix the ears a bit because it may fall off in a little bit so I maybe could fix that.

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Bridge Building // Spaghetti

 Tai, Kanye, Fui and I have been making a truss bridge out of spaghetti for the past two - three weeks for Inquiry. The challenge for our whole inquiry group is mostly inspired by the James Dyson Foundation and the task was very hard to do. We had three supplies to build our bridges. The three supplies that we were supplied with was rubber bands, spaghetti and tape. Also our bridges had to withstand one - eight bricks which made this hard for most of us. Our bridge at least withstood two bricks which we found really good. The problem with our bridge was the deck or bottom of the bridge which didn't have enough strength to hold the bridge together. Although this challenge was very fun and the whole of our inquiry group enjoyed it very much.

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Comic art illustrator Michel Mulipola

Today we had a very special visitor called Michel Mulipola. He is a professional comic illustrator and is Samoan. He is a very cool man and does not like Fortnite! His favourite character is Green lantern because he thinks he is different from other characters from DC. He also makes awesome comics and sometimes he writes school journals! He also draws WWE Comics and actually made a comic about Dwayne Johnson's grand father! He also is a Semi Professional gamer and is the 12th best player in the Tekken community. One of many books that we have seen that he is illustrated, is a book called breathless. His art is very cool and the pictures at the top is two of his art pieces that I think are the best out of the art selection he showed us. Not only this but he drew a art collection of many different spider man's coming together. I found this really cool and interesting.

Reading presentation

Today all groups gathered together to share our each individual presentations. We have gained more knowledge from each others book by sharing our presentations to people in our group. This task was really fun as everyone's presentation was amazing!