Friday, 13 January 2017

Summer learning Journey. Commenting.

Today I have been commenting on Alex's blog. His summer learning work was incredible.

Summer learning Journey 2.Canada.

Today I am doing the summer learning journey again and today my activity was to search three interesting facts about your country . Fact one: A Licence plate in the northwest Canadian territories is shaped as a polar bear. Fact two: Sometimes in the Newfoundland, Canada the Atlantic ocean can freeze so people play hockey on it. Fact three: Canada Is the most Educated country in the world. I hope you have enjoyed my facts.

Summer learning journey. Canada.

Today I am doing the summer learning journey. My first activity was to chose a country and write two reasons why you chose your country. I chose my country because I love the sports Canadians do like ice hokey,Basket ball and Lacrosse. My second reason is of the two languages you can speak French and English. I would love to learn how to speak french and visit Canada one day.