Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Summer learning journey

This week I had to blog about my dream job and what I would like to do when im older. When im older I want to discover new animals around the world and let others know about them before they go extinct. Animals are apart of mother nature and help us around the world. Some animals are used for food like fish,pigs ,cows, sheep and many many more. These animals also produce other things like milk,eggs etc.

My home compared to a Wharepuni

This week I have compared my home to a Wharepuni. The results came out common but that is okay... So what I thought was different was that our new homes our newer and modern but a wharepuni is a bit more damp and not as modern. Another thing I noticed was it was not made of brick but sticks and stones. Our house is better then Wharepuni homes because its where everything we know is safe where as a Wharepuni is where people rest the night then go.

Waka Ama

 This week I have finished the bonus activity Waka Ama. The task was to write about if you would like to be in Waka Ama or not. I would love to be in the Waka Ama Race because its great for your body and gives you a real workout. Another thing is that its summer and its all hot so it would be good to get out side in the water and get some lovely fresh air. Waka Ama is a racing kind of thing were you use a waka to get to the other side by paddling too. This really taught me heaps because this is my first time hearing about Waka Ama.

My journey to New Zealand

This week I have blogged my letter about my journey to New Zealand. I have made a poster or letter about how I felt about setting sail to another country. If I traveled to New Zealand then I would feel sad about leaving my family behind leaving all my friends and feeling terrified on the way to New Zealand. The task was to write about how you would feel about travelling to New Zealand. If this really happened I would feel lots of emotions, most of them would be scared,sad,terrified and worried. I visualized me travelling on the pacific ocean just hopping not to drown... But I hope you like my letter! Also we had to write this to a friend or family member.

Summer learning journey

This week I have started on the summer learning journey. I have learnt that Maui may be connected with the world depending on what happens. Our task was to make a google draw and write three facts about Maui. What do you find interesting about him?  Well there is many stories about Maui and his amazing adventures. One of the them is Maui and the giant fish. The fish that Maui caught looked so similar to the top of New Zealand. The story started where Maui wanted to go fishing with his brothers and become a top fisherman and catch many fish. Although his brothers would always think of a excuse to drive Maui into not coming and understanding what they said. But Maui never gave up and one night he made a fishing rod of his own and went out in the morning. Then at that very moment when his brothers went out fishing Maui caught a huge fish just like the size of the top of New Zealand...  So you see Maui is a very special man and is known for his great adventures!

Friday, 15 December 2017

Daily tv news

 This week for reading our group had to find information on a topic and then record it like tv news that you would see on your tv, Ipad,phone or other gadgets like the radio too. Mele did her report on the black caps vs the indies , Pizzahutts first ever dessert pizza,Georgia Toffolo , Vodafone off sale and a car crash that happened not long ago.

thats my money

This week for maths we had to keep collecting more money and I was able to get to -8 !which is not bad kind of... But I was able to go from -80 to -8 which is pretty good because of all the taxes and rent... We had to make dlos , Protect and a basic facts sheet to get a lot of money. Our goal was to get into the 100s or just in the positives. Our reward would be to get chocolates! Only for the people in the 100s or positives so that's not so good for me...

Thursday, 14 December 2017

raz kids

today I played raz kids

free rice

Today I played free rice


Greetings Sandra,
I see you have lots of fun at badminton today! what did you learn? Are you sad this is the last session? Keep it up though your doing great


This week or today it was our last session with Kevin and I have to admit this term went by really fast but we all had TONS of fun! We learnt lots this term and wish to continue being champions at badminton. We have learnt lots this term and we wish to have another session the next terms. But this is the last kiwi sport we will have this week.

Keyboarding drills

This week I have completed another keyboarding drill. I have a keyboarding drill for you to complete in 30 seconds! asdg gj: wvo mjdf usffh eat ate ouy phfw yug. Hope you can do it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No medical services / Vlog

This week for inquiry our task was to make a vlog on three subjects... 1. No government services, 2. no Health services and 3 no food services. I made a vlog about no health services. Basically when I mean ALL medical services are gone I mean EVERY medical services. That includes chemists,hospitals etc. Then we had to write a script including what it effects on you and the community. We also had to write about them gone after the apocalypse! 

Friday, 8 December 2017

Free rice

This week I have played free rice and this was really fun as i was able to donate 673  grains of rice to other people who need it.

Kiwi can

Today for Kiwi can we played a game we had to get into a group some kids from group B we had to play a game with Ms Lilly ! We played island first and then we played smash the tower. I was in the tags group and I was able to smash there tower once!This was a fun time at kiwi can

Kiwi sport

This week for Kiwi sport this is our 2nd to last session! Kevin this week taught us the back hand lift. The back hand lift is the same as the for hand lift just different style for others. Each hand is easy for different people. We then had one on one relay and then got in partners. Me and Fui was king for 12 times and was really happy at the end.

Daily six

This week I have been practicing my key boarding drills . I have more examples for you guys to practise! Juk :po Tys Eat' Ate'. Now just repeat it!

Three Roles

 LI: Three roles Chose 3 of the ones you like and will like to do when you are older. I learnt how to research on different topics and learn new thing from research we need to learn new things. We learn new thing buy looking at new things for inquiry.. Today for inquiry we did Roles. We had to make a slide and pick three topics from the Emergency service,Professional,Trades,Government Service and last is the three roles.

That's my money!

This week Mr Wong's maths group has a task to do where you have to collect money to pay rent,income tax,Insurance,Lotto tickets / Optional and much more other than that. To earn money you have to play protect,Make a visual DLO, Make a daily facts sheet, Protect above, Protect bellow and protect but times table version. Ways to lose money is to pay rent,Insurance, Income taxes and lotto tickets. This really makes us work harder to get more money then to be in the negatives... We will be doing this activity for two weeks and we will all see the results of all our money or to see if we are in the negatives...

Thursday, 7 December 2017

Broly and Umm & Florb

A Giant slug who roamed the city had found two homeless aliens who needed help... Broly the slug had no where to go so Umm and Florb took him in. One day Umm and Florb heard a loud crash and saw broly had lost it as he was just smashing the city. Umm had no other choice but to go in the future and get help from there future self. When all four returned Umm and Florb from the future had used a magic spell only masters could use they took broly to another relm for the sake of the earth...

Statistical News

This week my group (Giovanni,Fui,Viliami,Mojtaba and Aung Naing) made a whole group report about the daily news withing this week. We then joined all our work together to make one BIG news report. Our daily news name is called Statistical news. Each person had a subject to do, Fui / Inter National news, Aung Naing and Mojtaba / Sports report, Viliami / Business, Giovanni / Entertainment and last of I did National. After researching hard about all our subjects we then grouped it together on a google slide. The google slides contain the report on the black caps vs West indies , Hawi robert the man who is famous for stealing in most country's ,  Phone emergency alert, business around the world and The aquarium challenge. A big thanks to Giovanni,Aung Naing,Fui and Viliami for putting together our news report!

Friday, 1 December 2017

Coin flips / wheel decides

This week me and Fau joined up with everyone in Mr Wongs Math group to see what the results were so we could get a better result. We first got in pairs and each person had to do 150 coin flips and 150 spins on wheel decide. After that was done we joined together to get the results and happened to get 48 percent of heads and 50 percent of tails with the coin. With the wheel decide fau got 50 percent with heads and 49 per cent with tails!!! The results for the whole class was 2160 flips and 2160 with wheel decide too! The results were close enough but still was good for the whole of our maths group!


Greetings Victoria!
Sounds like group a had quit the time at Kiwi sport today ! Your blurb really told me a lot and what group a learnt. Did you find anything hard today? Keep it up

Tables conga

Today I have played tables conga and tried playing all the levels but only got up to 8

Free rice

Today i played free rice

Kiwi sport

L.I to learn a new skill
kiwi sport we learnt a new skill! We learnt how to weaken each other by making them run lots in badminton. Our skill was to hit the shuttle as far as we could at the enemy's free space or where they are not at. This was a really fun badminton session. But this is our 2nd or 3rd to last time going to kiwi sport which is a shame because this has been my favourite sport surprisingly! A big thanks to Kevin for helping us teach new things and our past teachers!

Kiwi can

L.I: To respect others
This week group b went to kiwi can and learnt how to respect others and how they act. After a little talk about that we then moved on to our game! We went in the middle of the mat and when the teacher called out a body part then they will also say make your knee touch the colour green. That was the first game but the second was tag i believe...

Government Service

 This week me and Florence worked together to research about Welfare's and Councils. We first started off with walking around and trying to find the teachers fact notes on the wall to write it down and research if it was a true fact or not... We then found keywords about welfare's and councils. After that was token care of we then all split up to find our own facts.


Entertainment News Coco Coco is one of the newest movies with high reviews of 93 percent of likes and enjoyment. The movie came out on the 27 of October. The movie is inspired by the famous Mexican holiday “Day of the dead”. The main stars in this movie is Gael GarcĂ­a Bernal as Hector, Benjamin Bratt as Ernesto, Renee Victor playing as Abuelita, Edward as James Olmos and anthony Gonzalez as Miguel. Miguel goes to his father's grave to celebrate the day of the dead but a sudden change happened as hand pulled him under… Miguel then discovers he is in the land of the dead. This movie is about Miguel’s journey in the land of the dead. He later on finds a man that helps him on his journey through this mysterious place. As he journeys through he finds his family members and they all then journey with Miguel. Basically the task was to make a news report on one of these options. Sports,National,Entertainment and weather.

Daily six

This week for daily six I have practiced on doing some more key board typing but a level higher. Here is a example. asd kl i:' rysz Jfbsl;.