Friday, 28 October 2016


  Today I have been working with Jack and Abdurrahim on a slide about Migration and we also made a poster about migration too. I hope you have enjoyed our slide on Migration. We have learnt a lot and put all our knowledge on this slide.  ENJOY!

Friday, 21 October 2016

Topic sentence

 Today my L.I was to write narrative paragraphs using topic sentence, events explained, ending sentence. Our task was to go off and write examples on a google draw. We had to write three examples on simple,complex and compound.


 Today my l.I  was to infer information about characters in a text.  Today I was working with Mele and Angela to make this DLO on four characters. The woman,Woman,annoyed girl and the old man. ENJOY

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Multiplication .

 Today our l.I was to identify multiplication word problems and solve using times table.  Today our task was to practise our multiplication and times table. At first I had no idea what multiplication was until our teacher gave us an example. ENJOY!

Friday, 14 October 2016


 Today I have published my inquiry on flight. My team was Vahoi ,Magenta and Viva. I hope you Enjoy our slideshow on flight.

Can do

Today I was working on my times table for my can do. ENJOY!

The light

The Light It was a late afternoon.  Our class was sitting on a log and eating perfectly warm marshmallows while near the fire. It was a beautiful day and everyone had fun playing outside with each other. There were lots of things we could do.We went for hikes and we even got lucky to find a beautiful pool of water.

 We were also lucky that we brang our swimming togs just in case we ran into a pool of water just like this one.I got up and ran to the top of the hill near by. I glared at the beautiful sun set as the wind slowly brushed across my face. It was so peaceful and Georges .

I turned around and started to head back to camp.Time had past and it was dark. The wind got colder and colder that it blew out our camp fire. I was scared but I could not let the others know that I was afraid of the dark.

I was so cold that I was shaking. We were all cold so our teacher decided it was time for bed. We all went into our nice and cosy tents. immediately all the other students fell asleep.Then suddenly I saw a bright light coming from outside I quickly got up and ran outside to check it out.There were fireflies. They were so pretty I had wished I was one. I could light up the night like fireflies. I guess when things are bad the light will come.

Today my L.I is to write a narrative paragraphs using topic sentence, Details concluding sentence. Today our group had to finish our writing work from last term week 9. But today I had made a different story because my other one was to long. ENJOY!

Thursday, 13 October 2016


Inferring. Today my l.I was to learn what inferring is.  Our Group Ruapehu has been learning about inferring . We all had to make a powtoon about what we learnt. In the session I had learnt a lot because I had no idea what inferring meant until now. I hope you enjoy my powtoon about inferring. Here is a bonus about inferring too. Inferring also means reading in between the lines. ENJOY!

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Maths solving

 Today For my L.I was to identify multiplication word problems and solve them by using times tables. In maths we had to figure out some math problems. We all did five times and ten times. The thing that was hard was solving the first few problems because I did not understand what to do then.