Friday, 23 September 2016

Story cubes.

 Today for my can do I have made another story cubes.  My story goes like this. A long time ago in ancient times there was a flower  called Dimer. Dimer was a really clever flower. He was like human. he could write,read,touch,see,talk,eat,throw,build and stack. I hope you Enjoyed my story.

Independent reading.

 Today I was doing Independent reading. We had to read a text and had to do 4 slides on these tasks but there were six of these tasks. I hope you Enjoy. The thing that was hard was finding a different title for my text. Breathless.


CRUNCH! CRUNCH! Man this forest gives me the creeps. Huh hey that looks like Brianna. BRIANNA! Its me nyjah. Wait that's not Brianna. Hey excuse me but have you seen the way out of here! Hmm I guess he can't hear me. I started walking towards him and suddenly he slowly turns around and says oh hello are you lost in these woods? Umm actually yes I am. Can you help me get out of here please. He then drew a circle on the ground and said yes I will help you get your way home. Then the circle he had made turned into a portal. Wow how did you do that Mr. Just go in. So I jumped in the portal and I was at the beginning of a maze. Wait do I. Hey where did he go. Oh no I think I have to pass this maze to get home. So I took the left side of the maze. A while later I spotted something. Something scary and mysterious. H-Hello Then The creature turned around and it was a creepy monster and it started chasing me. AHHHH as I screamed for help I found a sword. I quickly picked it up and cut of both its legs. I dropped the sword and kept on running. Then two more came running and I ran and ran and ran until I found the same sword and picked it up and threw the sharp end to one of the monsters head. But one more was left I kept on running and found the end to the maze yes. But that wasn't the end. Now there were five sleeping monsters blocking each maze entrance. So I quietly sneaked past one to the right . But he grabbed my leg and I fell over. I was in bad condition. So I quickly got a plaster from my bag I had on. I put it on quickly and ran thru the maze this was bad and I noticed I WAS RUNNING IN CIRCLES! Then a while later I spotted my real friends Riley and Brianna.GUYS ! over here. They saw me and ran to me. Hi guys. Hi. We have to get out of here NOW! Then we stopped for a rest. Huff Puff. Man I'm tired. Me two Me three.GUYS  They're coming come on let's go. Then to a surprise OUR HOMES GUYS! YEAH COME ON LET'S GET OUT OF HERE! *yawn* what a DREAM! NOOOOO HOW AM I BACK HERE AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!

Today my L.I was to write a short. Narrative. Our group had to write a Narrative Based on a lot of prompts our teacher gave us. But I hope you Enjoy My Narrative.

Word problems

 Today my L.I was to choose addition or subtraction to solve word problems. So our maths groups all had to make word problems on a google slide. Then at the end we had to right the answers in. The thing that was hard for me was making up the word problems but I hope you ENJOY!

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Valerie Adams.

 A couple of days ago we were doing research on a athlete. My athlete was Valerie Adams. It was  pretty hard finding information about her a while later. But I never gave up and I even found what school she went to when she was little . We all had to do the 5 w s .  I hope you learn a lot about Valerie Adams.

Friday, 16 September 2016


Today my L.I was To solve word problems using subtraction. We had to read threw some subtraction sentences and find an subtraction word. Then we went off to do our task.We made a DLO on what we did and a example of how to do the skill.

Friday, 9 September 2016

Story cubes

Today In my spare time I had made a story from story cubes. My story goes like this. Once upon a time long ago on earth there was a little turtle called Toby. Toby was a lonely turtle. Every day he would want to find someone to live with so that he wont be alone. So one day when Toby got up and looked at the pretty peach colour of the sand. But there were footprints.So Toby got out of the water and began following them. Time  had past and it was midnight. Toby was so lost and really needed water. A while later Toby found a pretty fountain made out of gold  with a lot of water in it. So he jumped in and was so happy. But when Toby looked down into the fresh water he saw a Key hole. Now the rest is up to YOU!

Thursday, 8 September 2016


Today our L.I was to understand the role of verbs in procedural texts. In writing our skill was about verbs. A verb is a action word. Our teacher gave us a maker and a big sheet of paper to write down some verbs. Next our teacher showed us a google doc about how to play marbles. We had to find verbs in the text. Then we watched a video. The video was how to make a ham and cheese sandwich. Then we got sent of to do our real task.That was creating a DLO like this one. But the hard thing was finding the verbs because There were a lot of words that I did not know that they were verbs.

Word webs

 Today our L.I was to find related words. Our whole group had to work on one google slide writing out new words we had found on the text Robbers mask. We had to then explain the meaning and the synonyms.  If you do not know what synonyms means it means the similar meaning.But the last thing to do was to do the antonyms the opposite meaning. The thing hard for me to do was finding new words/Key words because it was a long text and most of these words were words I knew.

Tuesday, 6 September 2016


Today Our L.I was to Solve word problems using addition. First we had to get in a group of four and solve maths word problems. We got given a white bored and a white bored marker to write our answers on it. So Our Teacher gave us a bunch of  maths sentences to write down on our white bored to write the word that makes the sentence an Addition Sentence. Then we had to go off and use the template that I used to make my DLO on and write what did you do and show how you used the skill you practised.The hard thing To do was finding the word that makes the sentence an Addition Sentences.

Friday, 2 September 2016

Place values

 Today my L.I  was to add tens, Hundreds  and ones. Our task was to go onto Transum and do basic addition to 4. I was happy with my results because I worked really hard and that was the hard part for me.


 Today my L.I was to summarise. Today I was working with my buddy Mele and we made a DLO. We had to write about what the text was, Explain what we did and write an example. The hard thing that I couldn't do was finding keywords.

Procedural writing.

 Today our L.I  was to Identify the structure and language Features of a procedural text. Today me and my buddy Nazanin had to write what we did and had to explain.