Thursday, 31 August 2017

Daily six

This week for keyboarding drills I am almost at level two as I have not been focusing that much on this task sadly. Although I still love this daily six task. It gives me a lot of practice too!

Technology at school.

L.I Is to have the structure of a argument.
The link to our groups video Andy Griffith videos

This week I recorded myself recording my speech for having Technology at school. So at the start our whole group split in half and writing about if we disagree or agree. Me,Victoria and Sakina agreed as Jack,Alex and Julian disagreed. This was a really fun activity but the recording took a while as there was a lot of sounds in the background. The last time I recorded you could hear me clear so I used it. This was one of my favourite learning in writing so far! Also this was hypothetical work so its not a real.

Run,jump throw

This week for Kiwi sport we did high jump. Our warm up game was octopus. Octopus was a very fun game but then we practiced high jump. After practice we really jumped over the stick. I tried going even higher each time. The last time I jumped I tried jumping as high as I can and almost failed. Andy was a great teacher and helped me jump over the stick. I hope we do kiwi sport again and get better and better at jumping,throwing and running.

Kiwi can

This week for Kiwi can we played two games at Kiwi can one was the same as last week and the other one I sadly forgot. We were earning about self control.


L.I is to have a structure of a argument.
This week for our must do is to make a possum poster on wither you agree with possums in New Zealand and Australia or not. The point on making the poster is to make people agree with your opinion and try make them think the same way you do. The reason why I disagree is because most possums eat small and sometimes big animals and eat animals food. This is a big problem but maybe you don't agree which is fine.

3D Shape / How to video

Displaying thumbnail of video Recorded with Clipchamp (4).webm
L.I is to make a video showing how to make a 3D shape.
 This week me Fui and Chavda made a video on how to make a 3D Shape. I did the first sense while they did the other scenes and chavda did one too. We all took turns to be in the video and then finished and uploaded one thing we missed is to also make a plan too. Link to the video Our video

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Hauora video

This week for inquiry the L.I is to create a video based on the four walls. Yesterday me Chavda,Fui and Marieta was creating a video about hauora/the four walls. Fui and Chavda did Taha whanu or social and taha wairua spirtual. Me and marieta did Taha hinegaro mental and emotianol and Taha tinana physical.

Friday, 25 August 2017


This week I commented on fui's blog and she had a pretty great post too! Please check her out as she has amazing work!

Kiwi sports

This week for kiwi sport Andy came in and we did jumping skills. One of the skills is to do shoulders width apart and bent knees. It was really fun and we learnt heaps from Andy. Andy is a very skilled teacher as she has been teaching us the last past 3 years that I remember of. The last game we did was rock paper jump. This game contains two teams and dots. We have to jump on the dots or outside of the dots and when we meet we got to play rock paper scissors.

Kiwi can

This week for Kiwi can our whole class worked together as Ms Latua was not here. We played 2 games. Hands defense and floor ball. The first game we had to play was to defending our legs in case someone rolled the ball in between them. The next game we played was Mr Malu had to call out a group and they had to doge the ball the people on the mat were rolling towards one of us and get us out. It was a pretty fun day and we also thank Mr Malu for teaching us by him self this week.

Thursday, 24 August 2017

Daily six

This week for daily six I am doing the Keyboarding drills again as I have not done this heaps of times before. They are a bit hard but soon will get used to doing this.

Fact or opinion

This week our L.I is to know the Fact or opinion.
The clip I choose was the island and it was a pretty hard one really. We had to work independent as that would lead to getting better by your self and improving your speed to getting work done faster and getting a lot better at your fact or opinion.

Pov chart.

I think students should go on more school trips. They are fun and we could learn more about other places and new things so win win right? People enjoy going. Their are so much sites to see and much to learn. Why most people really enjoy going is because, it’s a fun way to get out of their class. I think everyone else would enjoy going on more trips too. Many schools go on school trips but some don’t, that means they are missing out on more learning about other things and missing out on the fun.

Common Trips most people would enjoy would be to a fun park and a animal sightseeing like the zoo. Most schools would go to these common places so the more others go and think that was a great place to see then other schools would follow along. Its also a nice way to treat students that are good. It's not really fair just letting them wait for others to finish on what they are doing. Another thing is you're raising money for the school to get more supplies and other things they need. A little fun could not hurt so why not go on school trips!

This week for writing our L.I is what is a point of view.
This week me and my group wrote two paragraphs on the topic we like and make a POV chart. After we finish doing that we had to share it to our group members. We had to change it into our own POV but still the same story. My one was about school trips and why we should have more of them. We either had to disagree or agree or even both!

3D Shapes / Planning

 L.I to create our own 3D shape doing a different volume and capacity. This week we started on planning to make our 3D shape for the term. My 3D shape I am going to be creating is a cube. I thought about doing the cube because it is a lot easier for beginners but I think its just my type really. Next week we are going to drawing on card and might be able to start on our 3D creations. 

Raz Kids

This book is about 4 kids running into a spooky cave on Halloween night. These kids then face the terror of the Halloween spirits. Wanna find out more? Well check out this book on Raz kids to see the rest.


This week for inquiry the L.I is to figure out which boxes go in which. We had to either work with a buddy or by your self. This was just a test so working by your self would have been better but me and Chavda decided to work with each other. After completing this we had a test and see if we got each text in the correct box. Also it would nice if you would be able to check out Chavda's blog too.

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Daily six

This week for my daily six I did my keyboarding drills. I have not done this one at all so I decided to try it out. It is not as bad but I do need more practice to get better. This is a very great exercise and I think everyone else should try practice too.

our product

LI: To make a poster about safety.
I learned how to do even more things about learning how to make an ad.
We had to work into peers or groups because some people wanted to work on posters and the other people wanted to work on an ad. I worked with Chavda and Fui our name was called PCH Pizza which stands for Pepperoni, Cheese and Hawaiian. We had to make the video 15 or 20 seconds long but my group made a 36 seconds.

Our Advertisement.

The L.I for this week is to create a advertisement.
This week our writing group Andy Griffiths made a advert on our product the Stationary value pack. After a long time of planning we went to record in the other room of LS1. The pack includes 2 rubbers,Coloring pencils,pens and more.


 Our L.I this week is to Unfold a 3D shape into a net. week we unfolded 3D shapes. We have to choose one shape to create our own 3D box. Next week we will be starting on the box or shape. The 3D shapes I choose was a pyramid, Triangular prism and a 3D Cube.

Fact or opinoin

This week our L.I is to separate fact from opinion
This week me and Fui did Fact or opinion based on the mouse from Disney. We found facts and opinions from the video and put the facts in one box and the other in the opinion box.

Friday, 11 August 2017

Kiwi Sport

This week we went to Kiwi Sport. At Kiwi sport we did sprints and races. That was the main thing we did this week and last week. It was very fun and Andy was a great teacher.


 This week our L.I is to stay safe online. This week we made a poster on Online safety with Chavda and Fui. These posters tell us and you about Online safety and what you should do when Online. We added some information and pictures just to give you a little hint the next time your online.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017


LI: To learn how to scale. I learnt how to scale  shapes. This week I was working with a partner for maths. We had to make a google slide on scaling shapes. We had to do three slides on three shapes. We both did a slide each and worked each other's work out. Our teacher Mr Wong told us how to do the scale on a shape.

Kiwi can

Today for Kiwi can we played two games. Selfie stick and orders of emotions. For our first game we had to get into four groups and sit in a circle with a yellow stick in the middle. When a group is called out  they have to run in get the stick, hold it  up and make the emotion. The next game we played was emotion orders. We had  to put the emotions worst to bad in order.

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Daily six

8 Aug 2017 11:58:49.jpg This week there was another must do to do ! This was the usually do on another task sheet but this week we had to do 9 posts!!

Advert Questions.

Name of product
Who do you think the intended buyer is?

Coke lovers, curious people,Children,adults,teenagers.
What kind of advert is it?

TV                           Rad cocci                  Magazine           Poster
How do they try to persuade you to buy it?

With pictures      

With words        

With music

With questions

With jokes

With catchphrases

With jingles

Other: ____________________
Do you think it is a good advert?

           Yes              no

Why? Because it is a nice little short cartoon and it's kind of silly.
Would you buy the product?     Yes                     No

Because I love Cola and I loved the advertisement.

Do you think the advert is honest?  Yes                      No  

Why? Because it’s a cartoon

What words do they use to sell the product? None

This week our L.I is to we are learning to be able to identify hat makes and effective advert! This week we answered and took a look at five advertisements. The McDonald's Advertisement,Miter 10,Coke Cola,Subway and Voda phone. The Coke Advert was my favourite because of its very nice advert video. The Product is selling there very famous Coke. We had to answer questions and tik them. After we had done that we had to make a blog post on it.

Monday, 7 August 2017

Duck Overboard Summary

Summarising the Main Idea

L.I. To look for keywords and phrases

Good readers notice key words.  Here are some clues to help you find key words:
  • Key words are directly connected to the topic
  • Key words are often repeated in the title and the text
  • A key word helps you to remember an important idea
Use this table to help you summarise the main ideas in a text in your own words.  It is important that you use your own words to show your understanding and to avoid plagiarism.  If you don’t know what some words mean, look them up.

Keywords from the title

Keywords from sub headings
Stupendous storm, Washed off of ship to sea,Rubber ducks,Hong kong,Tacoma,washington in the united states,January 1992, Arctic ice pack and the great britain.
New words I need to look up
Read the text and record key words/phrases that answer these questions:

Rubber ducks,stupendous storm, Washed off of ship to sea,spread around the world,survived by the mercy of elements,100$ reward.
Hong kong,Tacoma,Beach,Washington in the united states,Arctic ice pack,The great britain.
January 1992
Curtis Ebbesmeyer and Mr Ebbesmeyer
Stupendous storm,rubber ducks spread around the world.
Stupendous storm.

Now using the words you wrote down summarise the text in 25 words or less. In January 1992 a big storm struck from the sky and hit a boat and rubber ducks were sent of  to sea from Hong Kong.

L.I to identify the main ideas in a text.
This week I did the four w's and H and made my own summary within 25 or less words about Duck Overboard. I haven't wrote a lot about the story but its enough for the start. The rest is if you find one of these rubber ducks you will be rewarded with 100$. Some people have already found some so be quick and find one if your lucky!

Friday, 4 August 2017

Raz Kids

This week I was reading The Mystery Wind. This book was amazing and was about a girl wanting to save her village and a magical wind came and granted her wish. If you want to find out more check it out on Raz Kids.


This week I commented on Fui's blog. Her blog post was amazing and you should check her blog out too! Remember add a question to your comment and have a positive one also! Her post was about her adverts and is very nice. So I REALLY recommend to go to her blog!

My groups Cooperative game.

 This week for inquiry we had to make up our own game. I was working with Victoria,Chavda and Fui. Our game is called Group Sculptures. You can play this game if you want or check out everyone elses in my class. My favorite game out of everyone's was Mele's group. It was fun and the rules were simple.

Rotation,Reflection and Transformation

 This week we did maths. For maths we had to make a slide show or video to show how to do rotation,reflection and transformation. I worked with Chavda and we did this slide show but she did most of it as I was sick at home but was glad she started it.


Analysing a Print Advertisement:
What product or service is being advertised?
  • Scotch Tape

Who might be interested in the product or service? Who is it trying to attract? Young people? Old people? Male? Female?
  • All

Is there a catchy phrase or slogan for the product? If so, what is it?
  • The scotch and tape and little do you know it is a sticky stick too!

What message is the advertisement trying to say about the product?
  • It is a very strong tape and can be used to hold big amounts of somethings together.

How does the language or image used grab the reader’s attention?
  • The large amount of hay being held by only 2 long straps of the scotch tape.

How may the advertisement make the user feel?
  • Amazed by how strong they are trying to say the scotch tape is by how it is holding together a massive amount of hay. On one small truck.

scotch tape.jpg

This week me Victoria and Chavda were working on advertisement.I liked this one the most because the picture amazed me and the scotch tape could hold that much! This was a fun reading activity to do this week. We had to write about all the details also

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

New Zealand History

This week we went up stairs to work on our task. Thank you so much Mrs Anderson for teaching us this week also.  We had to skim & scan. We skimmed through New Zealand's history and scanned to get the information we needed. We noted our information we found down on our pieces of paper. At the end we had to make our own questions and we had to find out what or how it happened or why it did. The question I asked was why did Australia want  to join up with Nz when they became the common wealth. Another question our group was curios about was who let women vote.