Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Goldilocks and the three bears surprise.

TITLE: The three bears surprise.

I was woken up by the delicious smell of Mama bear's home made porridge.  I went to the kitchen and tasted her delicious Honeycomb porridge, but the problem was that It was too hot so I had to spit it out. So Baby bear suggested that we could go to the rainbow waterfall to wait for our porridge to cool down. We happily agreed and left our cottage.

While we were walking I was exhausted and I felt like I was gonna fall. We then arrived at the Rainbow water fall and Baby bear was full off energy and jumped in the water. I sat down next to Mama bear and watched Baby bear having a blast. It was time to go home but Babybear begged me if we could stay a couple more minutes. I told Mama bear if we could stay 5 more minutes but she said “ I'm sorry we have to go our porridge could get cold if we stay”.  So we packed everything up and headed home.

We arrived and saw our front door open! I walked in and saw someone had been eating our porridge. Baby bear was in tears when he saw his porridge was all gone, while Mama bear and I were looking for clues on who could of eaten our porridge. Suddenly Baby bear saw broken pieces of wood coming from the living room, and ran to them. He saw his chair in pieces!

We kept looking for more clues , but Baby bear heard snoring from up stairs and he ran up stairs and saw two humans. A boy and a girl. The girl was sleeping on Baby bears bed but the boy was sleeping on mama bear's bed. They woke up and rubbed their eyes.

The girl woke up in fright and shook his brother so he would wake up. They tried to run but no luck, we surrounded them so there was no escape. Baby bear whispered in my ear if we could throw them out the window so they won't come back. I agreed and I picked up the boy and threw him out the window, But the girl escaped and was able to take her brother with her. We shut the door and said “ NEVER COME BACK AGAIN!“.

I walked back inside and sat down at the kitchen table. I was exhausted, it was such a busy day and Mama bear had to make dinner. Baby bear sat at the table next to me and said “ Dad I'm really hungry”. I was really hungry too. It was such an exhausting day, and I think we should call it day over.   

Today I have been doing my recount on Goldilocks and the three bears and my learning intention was to plan and rewrite a recount. The only thing that's different is that  we changed the whole story but not all of it. I was Papa bear in my story while the other people in my group did other characters. I hope you like my story.