Tuesday, 29 November 2016


 Hi today I have commented on Angaris Blog.

Balloon Expirment

 Today I have worked with my group Marieta,Nazanin and Hajera on a balloon Expirment. ENJOY!

Jean Batten

Jean batten was born in September 15 1909. She died buy a Dog Attack in her hotel room she flew one of her flights Across the Atlantic Ocean and some people think she was lost while flying around the atlantic ocean. She died at Palma,Majorca and Spain the Sea that she flew over was (Tasman Sea). Her first ever Solo was England to Newland in 1936 and she became an (International Celebrity).

Today I have Finished my conclusion on Jean Batten for my reading. I have worked with Marieta and Chavda. I hope you enjoy.

Aviators Timeline.

 Today I have Published my work on Richard Pearce and the wright Brothers. Me and Magenta Has made a timeline about there life.ENJOY!!!!

Monday, 28 November 2016


Hi Today Me Marieta and Hajera made a graph on how accurate is LS1 at throwing a bean bag in a bucket. We have measured our throws and we also measured Ofa's,Miki's and Nazanin's throw. If we got the bean bag in the bucket we would get zero points witch is good and what we need to aim for. Here are the results ENJOY!

Friday, 25 November 2016


Today I was measuring how Miki,Nyjah,Marieta,Hajera,Ofa and Nazanin to see who got the bean bag in the bucket or not in the bucket. But here are the results ENJOY!

Jean Batten

Pioneering aviators and Jean batten

Today I  was working  on jean  batten   on   this   site called   Pioneering  aviators.


 This is my planning on jean batten.I used  to help  me plan.

The parts of a rocket.

 Today I have been working on the parts of a rocket.

Friday, 18 November 2016

Solving car game

 Today I have published another solving game.

Can do

Today I was working on my can do's. I have also  published a solving game.

Jean Batten

Today I have been working with my buddys Nazanin,Hajera and Sky. We together made a slide about Jean Batten I hope you enjoy our slide on Jean Batten.

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Blog commenting.

Today I had commented on Chavdas blog. I actually did something similar to hers but different.

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Explanation text

 Today my l.I  was to learn the purpose of an explanation text and to learn the structure and language features of an explanation text. Today I have written an Explanation text about How do the four forces of flight work? I hope you enjoy my explanation text.


 Today my L.I was to measure the distance between places on a map. Today  I was working with my buddy Rachel on measuring. This time we had to use string to help us rule these lines. The thing that was hard was getting the line straight on the black lines. But we were able to get it done I hope you enjoy.


Today my l.I was to infer information from the text. Our group was sent of to record key  words/ phrases that answer the question. It was really hard to find the 25 words for summarising the text in 25 words because it was really hard to find the words in the text. I hope you enjoy my work.

Friday, 11 November 2016

Explanation Writing.

 Today my  l.I  is to learn the  purpose of an explanation  text and we also had to learn the structure and language features too. This week I was working with my buddy Marieta to make a poster about an explanation text. It was really hard for us two to find the language features but I hope you like our poster.


 today my l.I was  to measure the distance between places on a map. This week we were working  on paper.  We had to measure a lot of different dissents. At first it was pretty easy but when we got deeper into our maths it got a lot harder for me to measure. 

Friday, 4 November 2016


 Today my l.I was to infer information about events in a story. Today I was working with my buddy Magenta on our i think slide. It was really hard to think of the prior knowledge slide because we had to think of good ones. But I hope you enjoy our slide on I think (inference recording).

Migrating animals.

 Today I was working with my buddy magenta on animals that migrate. When animals migrate they can let out spectacular things like when birds migrate they fly way higher then before. It was really hard to find some animals that migrate. I hope you enjoy mine and Magentas slide about animals that migrate.