Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Summer learning journey

This week I had to blog about my dream job and what I would like to do when im older. When im older I want to discover new animals around the world and let others know about them before they go extinct. Animals are apart of mother nature and help us around the world. Some animals are used for food like fish,pigs ,cows, sheep and many many more. These animals also produce other things like milk,eggs etc.

My home compared to a Wharepuni

This week I have compared my home to a Wharepuni. The results came out common but that is okay... So what I thought was different was that our new homes our newer and modern but a wharepuni is a bit more damp and not as modern. Another thing I noticed was it was not made of brick but sticks and stones. Our house is better then Wharepuni homes because its where everything we know is safe where as a Wharepuni is where people rest the night then go.

Waka Ama

 This week I have finished the bonus activity Waka Ama. The task was to write about if you would like to be in Waka Ama or not. I would love to be in the Waka Ama Race because its great for your body and gives you a real workout. Another thing is that its summer and its all hot so it would be good to get out side in the water and get some lovely fresh air. Waka Ama is a racing kind of thing were you use a waka to get to the other side by paddling too. This really taught me heaps because this is my first time hearing about Waka Ama.

My journey to New Zealand

This week I have blogged my letter about my journey to New Zealand. I have made a poster or letter about how I felt about setting sail to another country. If I traveled to New Zealand then I would feel sad about leaving my family behind leaving all my friends and feeling terrified on the way to New Zealand. The task was to write about how you would feel about travelling to New Zealand. If this really happened I would feel lots of emotions, most of them would be scared,sad,terrified and worried. I visualized me travelling on the pacific ocean just hopping not to drown... But I hope you like my letter! Also we had to write this to a friend or family member.

Summer learning journey

This week I have started on the summer learning journey. I have learnt that Maui may be connected with the world depending on what happens. Our task was to make a google draw and write three facts about Maui. What do you find interesting about him?  Well there is many stories about Maui and his amazing adventures. One of the them is Maui and the giant fish. The fish that Maui caught looked so similar to the top of New Zealand. The story started where Maui wanted to go fishing with his brothers and become a top fisherman and catch many fish. Although his brothers would always think of a excuse to drive Maui into not coming and understanding what they said. But Maui never gave up and one night he made a fishing rod of his own and went out in the morning. Then at that very moment when his brothers went out fishing Maui caught a huge fish just like the size of the top of New Zealand...  So you see Maui is a very special man and is known for his great adventures!

Friday, 15 December 2017

Daily tv news

 This week for reading our group had to find information on a topic and then record it like tv news that you would see on your tv, Ipad,phone or other gadgets like the radio too. Mele did her report on the black caps vs the indies , Pizzahutts first ever dessert pizza,Georgia Toffolo , Vodafone off sale and a car crash that happened not long ago.