Friday, 15 September 2017

Maths art

L.I To make a reflective,rotated art work.
This week for art our maths group had to start painting,dyeing and pastel our patterns. The part I found hardest out of those to do was pastel. Why I choose pastel? Well the pastel wouldn't always stay in the line. But after all of that hard work I was able to glue and finish it ! Art this and last week was really fun and we had sometime to do something fun and do maths while we were at it.


L.I To make a summary on the suffrage for woman.
This week our group listed 20 words on this summary sheet. After that we had to come back and think of what the top 6 words were. The top 6 was debate,suffrage,change,government,gender and vote. After writing in the top six words we had to write three sentences using these words.


Maori Language week.

 This week me Fui and Chavda made a slide on Maori Language week. This was a bit hard for us cause we had to learn this of by heart.

Coggle / brainstorm

L.I to create a persuasive speech.
This week I made a coggle on a brainstorm on what my facts and ideas are going to be for my speech. Writing this week we had to start on making our facts and ideas so next week we can start to write our speeches out. Our speeches also must have true facts to back up your idea or what your opinion is as then people will start to change like you have said.

Haiku poem

L.I to make a poem on one of the sits
This week for inquiry I made a poem on a haiku site. If you would like to make a poem for yourself or for practice then here is the Link. So this week our inquiry group is practicing on making our poems on different sites. We also the the option to do a Diamante. I made my poem based on being nervous like when it is your first time reading a speech out loud to your class,family,school or even the com unite. Also if you need  to get an Idea look at my poem or at the rules on the site.

Friday, 8 September 2017


L.I to make a art pattern
This week I worked with a group of random people to make the planning better. After planning we had to fine a pattern and trace it or put it on a google draw. I just had finished planning and know I move on too tracing on a piece of paper.