Thursday, 23 November 2017

Survey test

This week Mr Wongs maths groups went around asking people what there favourite whole number from 1 - 20. This process took some time because we asked the WHOLE of ls1. This was a really fun yet a little difficult task as it took all of us some time or most of our space to go talk to others about what number they like the most from 1 - 20. Next we had to make a DLO and make a graph to express the work.

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Fire station

This week LS1 went down to the fire station to learn about the water hoses,training area, fire trucks and tools. This was a special event as last week the police visited us. We learnt about the tools they have and there special suits that protect them from heat. Fire fighters have special tanks that they breathe in to protect there lungs. Fire fighters have lots of gear to get in houses,remove doors,get into houses and to let out fires. LS1 learnt heaps from this trip and I was surprised to find out there are only 4 workers and they work day and night. They also help with medical things and car crashes. They also help cut trees and get people free. New workers also train heaps to get better at there job and also workers who have been at the fire station for ages. 

Friday, 17 November 2017

 This week me Chavda , Fui and Florence planned out our game called Battlemall. Battlemall is like handball just with different people in different groups. The plan is to get a higher chance of winning instead of the other player winning. This was a really fun activity and the video link is above.


Greetings Matthew! I am impressed with your blurb and how it makes sense more.

Free rice

Today i played free rice

Daily six

Thursday, 16 November 2017


 This week me and Juel has made a google slide on trades. If confused then we mean public transporters,drivers,builders,electrician,plumber,delivery drivers and food services. Me and Juel studied bus drivers and builders. We looked in the library for books but for builders not much. But asides that we tried our bests to research.