Friday, 21 September 2018

Product design.

Today the year 7 graphics group has made 3d models of our own design. This design would support a phone because the back ears make the phone stand on the actual design and the the split in the middle is where the phone would stand. The shape of my design is mainly a circle but the over all design is a monkey. I may be able to fix the ears a bit because it may fall off in a little bit so I maybe could fix that.

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Bridge Building // Spaghetti

 Tai, Kanye, Fui and I have been making a truss bridge out of spaghetti for the past two - three weeks for Inquiry. The challenge for our whole inquiry group is mostly inspired by the James Dyson Foundation and the task was very hard to do. We had three supplies to build our bridges. The three supplies that we were supplied with was rubber bands, spaghetti and tape. Also our bridges had to withstand one - eight bricks which made this hard for most of us. Our bridge at least withstood two bricks which we found really good. The problem with our bridge was the deck or bottom of the bridge which didn't have enough strength to hold the bridge together. Although this challenge was very fun and the whole of our inquiry group enjoyed it very much.

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Comic art illustrator Michel Mulipola

Today we had a very special visitor called Michel Mulipola. He is a professional comic illustrator and is Samoan. He is a very cool man and does not like Fortnite! His favourite character is Green lantern because he thinks he is different from other characters from DC. He also makes awesome comics and sometimes he writes school journals! He also draws WWE Comics and actually made a comic about Dwayne Johnson's grand father! He also is a Semi Professional gamer and is the 12th best player in the Tekken community. One of many books that we have seen that he is illustrated, is a book called breathless. His art is very cool and the pictures at the top is two of his art pieces that I think are the best out of the art selection he showed us. Not only this but he drew a art collection of many different spider man's coming together. I found this really cool and interesting.

Reading presentation

Today all groups gathered together to share our each individual presentations. We have gained more knowledge from each others book by sharing our presentations to people in our group. This task was really fun as everyone's presentation was amazing!

Friday, 14 September 2018


This week for tech the year 7s has practised shading in with colours but for this practise we have used grey or just a simple pencil. This made it easier to shade. We also drew 3d and 2d shapes which was quite the fun experience!

Thursday, 13 September 2018

Kiwi Can

Today for Kiwi Can group B has had a talk about Perseverance. Perseverance actually is one of many quality's but a big one too. To persevere you need to keep trying, try not to get frustrated and even if you don't like a certain something you still keep trying. A good time to use this quality is using it in work, school, tests or renting something you really want its all up to you. Although continuing on what happened in Kiwi Can we played two games. Linking and Invisible touch. Linking is a game where there is one tagger and when they tag someone the person who is tagged must link hands with the person that is tagged. Then they both go around tagging other people and when a third person links with the two taggers then the tagger in the middle can no longer tag because the end people has the opportunity to tag people now. The second game was playing touch but the ball is invisible although everything else is the same

Wednesday, 12 September 2018


Today for maths we have learnt about Exponents. Exponents is another word for power. In my DLO I will show you how to solve exponents or the power and the answers to some of the Exponents we have been given this week!