Friday, 6 July 2018

Pros and cons

Today Jona, Coree, Harlem, Viva and I have been looking at the differences of living in a lighthouse ( pros and cons) and we decide whats good about living in a lighthouse and the bad side of living in a lighthouse. We have thought of some creative ideas.

Wednesday, 4 July 2018


This week I have made a google draw about a light house I found that was on sale. Using my smart searching skills I found a lighthouse on sale from Scotland ! We had to find out the amount of money the light house had costed and had to exchange it to New Zealand dollars. The light house I was able to find was Cantick head lighthouse. We also had to write about why we would like to "Buy" the light house we had chosen. I thought that is had peaceful open spaces and how it was near the water with amazing views!!

Chicago sports team

This week group 4 (Viva, Kanye, Coree, Jona and I) has made a blog post about the best Chicago teams! We have wrote about the Black Hawks, Chicago Bears, Chicago Bulls, The Sox and The Cubs.Our group all had a sports team we wrote about and put in some images. These are the pairs:       
Black Hawks : Me
Chicago Bears: Kanye
Chicago Bulls: Viva
The Sox: Coree
The Cubs: Jona

Matariki celebration

Today we had a Matariki celebration !! This was a fun and exciting day as we got a free sausage sizzle! I also got to celebrate by doing a awesome Pacific dance! 
Some of the other preforming groups are:
Senior kapa haka
Junior kapa haka.


Today LS2 had collaborated with LS1 for the day to make a wonderful Matariki poster or DLO.
Nicole, Sakina, Chavda and I have all created a DLO together.
A lot of group discussions occurred but all worked out in the end.
With each of our skills we managed to make a slide each and expressed what we learnt about Matariki.
The ideas our group shared was great and made the DLO better than we expected it to be.
We all used our smart searching skills to find out more about Matariki and how Maori people celebrate it.
Some of our facts were from different websites, but written in our own words.
But we all had to use some of our prior knowledge about Matariki too.  

Tuesday, 26 June 2018

M&M Predictions and facts

This week Viva, Kanye, Coree, Jona and I have made a DLO about M&M's. This linked to our maths sessions because yesterday we made a graph about how much M&M's we had, but before that process our class had a individual ideas about popular M&M colour and how much are in a 1.47 dollar M&M packet.

Friday, 22 June 2018

Casey and Jeff animated story /example

This is an example of an animated story that I have re created from scratch.

The components used to create this story includes: Speech bubbles, Characters, Back drops.

The codes that I used to re create the story includes:

 Events to make the characters know that there talking,
green code to start the story,
Looks script to to in able the sprites to talk,
Control to make the story stop for 1 second and then change to another back drop,
 back drops to make the story,
Back drops to make the story change into something more interesting,