Thursday, 10 January 2019

It's all in the name

Task : List three or 5 names for the geothermal pool...

emerald waters

Green Loxic

*Tactonic greens

This week for the summer learning journey activities I have made a list of names I would name the geothermal pool. This task was quite hard because I kept changing up names and it was pretty hard to think of names I really liked.

Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Summer learning journey / Week 1 Day 5

Summer learning journey : Week 1 Day 5
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I think that loggers shouldn't be allowed to cut down trees. I think this because trees aren't a unlimited source that will keep growing and growing for ever. Also imagine the poor animals living in the environment having to see there homes getting destroyed. I had a very big question though. What if we could see through the animals eyes and see there home getting destroyed. So I think we should stand up for our environment and make a change.

Summer learning journey / Week 1 Day 4

Summer learning journey: Week 1 Day 4

I would create my hotel out of nature things like Leaves,Wood,Vines and flowers. I wanted it to be kind of like a tree house expect its a hotel room. I really liked the outcome of one of the rooms but I can improve on I few things. I liked the outcome of my room because it has that nature vibe and my favourite bit of the room is the vines hanging from the ceiling.

Summer learning journey : week 1 Day 4

Summer learning journey : week 1 day 4

For this activity I have made a DLO explaining how to make chocolate truffles. Chocolate truffles is my favourite food because its so nice and creamy and I generally love the taste of chocolate. I had a lot of fun explaining the process of making chocolate truffles since others can try using this recipe for themselves!

Saturday, 22 December 2018

Summer learning journey / Week 1 Day 4

5 Questions I would ask Sir Edmund Hillary about his life.

1 ( When you were young do you think you would get to this point or did you have any dreams about climbing Mt Everest.

2 ( If you hadn't climbed Everest what would you do?

3 ( Did you have faith all the way up the mountain? ETC did you think of giving up?

For this activity I had to write down three questions I would ask Sir Edmund Hillary about his life. I took thought into these questions as I wanted to make them count. My first question is the my over all one I would ask him. 

Summer learning journey / Week 1 Day 3

1) The name of the animal the WWF is working to save.
The animals the WWF is working to save is Tigers but there main goal is to save endangered Saimaa seal pups / Saimaa seals.

2) What the WWF is doing to help the animals.
Seals usually give birth to pups on snow mounts and if not the pups may have to be given birth on ice which isn't good because one predators are free to get them, they will get cold and because of human disturbance so the WWF is building snow banks for them.

3) What, if any, success they have had protecting the animal.

There will be more Saimaa seals in the world because currently there are about 360 individuals left.

Summer learning journey / Week 1 Day 3

Summer learning journey : Week 1 Day 3
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I think I would like to become a wild life DOC ranger. I think this because in my opinion I love animals and wild life itself. It would also be amazing to meet a uncommon Chevron Skink. For our activity this week was finding out about what DOC ranger's do and learning bits about the Chevron Skink. After we found out some information we had to list three pros ( good ) and three cons ( bad ) about working as a DOC ranger.