Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Graham Hill

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Graham Hill helps us save us a bit more money and a bit more space. He persuades others to be more open and free. Campings tents,college rooms or hotels all make us feel a bit more free. He also believes that buying more decorations could be a waste as you're going to have to throw it out sooner or later. Instead you should have multiple things in one. For example a little coffee table that turns into a big dining table. A bed that comes out of the wall or a sink thats combined with a toilet. Also he helps others to save more money by persuading them to buy smaller homes.

Graham hill believes that less space equals more happiness and for us to be more free. He also thinks for us to think small,edit ruthlessly and make multifunctional. All this could save us more money.
Image result for graham hill less stuff more happiness
Graham hill had wanted a bigger space in his childhood when he grew up years ago but thought what he wanted could be a waste.

Graham's speech could change our lives a bit more by saving money,feeling more free and less wasting. My favourite part in his speech was the ending because it didn’t really matter what was in the box anymore because remember less space more happiness

Less space, more happiness ~

Today I have made a poster on Graham Hill about how he has explained that Less space,more happiness. His speech is really inspiring and could help anyone anywhere any size or age... Well in my opinion. I have wrote what he has spoke about,what I like about it and whats interesting about it.

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