Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Harry's war / Bulford kiwi, Evaluating and Vocab

This week me,Fui,Joseph,Hajera and Viva finished our Evaluating DLO and the Bulford Kiwi DLO. These two DLOs explain what the text was about, what interesting facts have you learnt from reading this text? Why?, What questions do you have after reading? and why the Bulford kiwi was built. Also the name of the book is titled "Harry's War". Before Evaluating and the Bulford Kiwi we had to write some vocab and about the word, like there synonyms and Antonyms.

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  1. Hi Nyjah,
    This is so much work and every bit of it was great. I think that you should add in your blurb what you've learnt from this process of work. I really like how you worked collaboratively with someone because I usally see you working by your self. Why did thy decied to name this bullford kiwi?