Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Advert Questions.

Name of product
Who do you think the intended buyer is?

Coke lovers, curious people,Children,adults,teenagers.
What kind of advert is it?

TV                           Rad cocci                  Magazine           Poster
How do they try to persuade you to buy it?

With pictures      

With words        

With music

With questions

With jokes

With catchphrases

With jingles

Other: ____________________
Do you think it is a good advert?

           Yes              no

Why? Because it is a nice little short cartoon and it's kind of silly.
Would you buy the product?     Yes                     No

Because I love Cola and I loved the advertisement.

Do you think the advert is honest?  Yes                      No  

Why? Because it’s a cartoon

What words do they use to sell the product? None

This week our L.I is to we are learning to be able to identify hat makes and effective advert! This week we answered and took a look at five advertisements. The McDonald's Advertisement,Miter 10,Coke Cola,Subway and Voda phone. The Coke Advert was my favourite because of its very nice advert video. The Product is selling there very famous Coke. We had to answer questions and tik them. After we had done that we had to make a blog post on it.

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