Friday, 4 August 2017


Analysing a Print Advertisement:
What product or service is being advertised?
  • Scotch Tape

Who might be interested in the product or service? Who is it trying to attract? Young people? Old people? Male? Female?
  • All

Is there a catchy phrase or slogan for the product? If so, what is it?
  • The scotch and tape and little do you know it is a sticky stick too!

What message is the advertisement trying to say about the product?
  • It is a very strong tape and can be used to hold big amounts of somethings together.

How does the language or image used grab the reader’s attention?
  • The large amount of hay being held by only 2 long straps of the scotch tape.

How may the advertisement make the user feel?
  • Amazed by how strong they are trying to say the scotch tape is by how it is holding together a massive amount of hay. On one small truck.

scotch tape.jpg

This week me Victoria and Chavda were working on advertisement.I liked this one the most because the picture amazed me and the scotch tape could hold that much! This was a fun reading activity to do this week. We had to write about all the details also

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