Sunday, 1 October 2017

LS2 Holiday reading challenge / DAY 2

DAY 2 : Today on Day 2 I have made my DLO on 5 facts on the Sky Tower. We had to use our smart searching skills to find these facts! I found this activity fun because I found lots of cool facts and would like to see and do these things sometime in life!


  1. Hey Nyjah good to see you participating in the P.B.S Holiday Blogging Challenge. I really like the photos you have inserted into your DLO. They look fabulous. I like how you have told how old you have to bungee jump. Next time can you check your sentences so it makes sense. Keep up the great work!!!

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  3. Hello Nyjah I really like how you did this activity on a google slide unlike most others including me used a google draw. Like Ofa, I also like the photos you added to go with each slide and hopefully they are labelled for reuse.You have 5 very interesting and detailed facts listed and a nice layout and theme of your presentation. Awesome job Nyjah keep up the great posts!

  4. Kia Ora Nyjah, I really like how you chose to do your work using a google slide. The photos you have used looks so interesting. Each slide has a beautiful image with great explanation.
    Fabulous work.

  5. Hi Nyjah
    I really like your slide and photo because it very coll next time attribute the images. Keep it up!

  6. Hi Nyjah, Your post looks awesome. I really like your google slides. I really like how you made your slides septet.
    Looking forward seeing you other post:)


  7. Greetings Nyjah,
    You gave really interesting facts about the Sky Tower. I like the way you added photos of the Sky Tower. I also like the way you made each slide beautiful.
    Keep up the good work!

  8. Hello Nyjah,
    These are some interesting facts that you've found or already knew. I didn't know that the Sky Tower is 20 years old, and that they set off fireworks every year! You've done really well for this activity, and those facts sound like they may have taken quite a bit of time to find.
    Keep Up The Awesome Work!

    - Jack

  9. Hey Nyjah,
    You've found some interesting facts about the Sky Tower for your DLO, good job! Did you know about the Sky Walk? When you do that you get to walk around the top of the Sky Tower and the view is said to be amazing! Keep it up

  10. Hi Nyjah
    Great job on this activity. I had no idea that the Sky Tower glows every color of the Rainbow. That would look awesome. Keep up the good work.