Thursday, 7 December 2017

Statistical News

This week my group (Giovanni,Fui,Viliami,Mojtaba and Aung Naing) made a whole group report about the daily news withing this week. We then joined all our work together to make one BIG news report. Our daily news name is called Statistical news. Each person had a subject to do, Fui / Inter National news, Aung Naing and Mojtaba / Sports report, Viliami / Business, Giovanni / Entertainment and last of I did National. After researching hard about all our subjects we then grouped it together on a google slide. The google slides contain the report on the black caps vs West indies , Hawi robert the man who is famous for stealing in most country's ,  Phone emergency alert, business around the world and The aquarium challenge. A big thanks to Giovanni,Aung Naing,Fui and Viliami for putting together our news report!

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