Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Waka Ama

 This week I have finished the bonus activity Waka Ama. The task was to write about if you would like to be in Waka Ama or not. I would love to be in the Waka Ama Race because its great for your body and gives you a real workout. Another thing is that its summer and its all hot so it would be good to get out side in the water and get some lovely fresh air. Waka Ama is a racing kind of thing were you use a waka to get to the other side by paddling too. This really taught me heaps because this is my first time hearing about Waka Ama.


  1. Hi Nyjah,

    Ruby here from the Summer Learning Journey team!
    That's great that you would want to be in a Waka Ama race. It would definitely be a chance to improve your strength and teamwork skills! What sorts of things do you think the racers would practice before being in the race?

    Have you ever been in a kayak or a canoe before? It would be very similar to being in a Waka I think.

    I look forward to reading more of your blog over the summer.

  2. Hello Nyjah
    Great job on finishing this summer learning journey activity. I would also like to be in a Waka Ama race. I've been kayaking before and it looks like kayaking a bit so maybe I be kind of good at it. Keep up the awesome work Nyjah.