Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Summer learning journey

This week I have started on the summer learning journey. I have learnt that Maui may be connected with the world depending on what happens. Our task was to make a google draw and write three facts about Maui. What do you find interesting about him?  Well there is many stories about Maui and his amazing adventures. One of the them is Maui and the giant fish. The fish that Maui caught looked so similar to the top of New Zealand. The story started where Maui wanted to go fishing with his brothers and become a top fisherman and catch many fish. Although his brothers would always think of a excuse to drive Maui into not coming and understanding what they said. But Maui never gave up and one night he made a fishing rod of his own and went out in the morning. Then at that very moment when his brothers went out fishing Maui caught a huge fish just like the size of the top of New Zealand...  So you see Maui is a very special man and is known for his great adventures!


  1. Hi Nyjah,
    My name is Patricia Santos and I'm one of the people who will be blogging with you for the Summer Learning Journey. You will find that the activities are fun and highly engaging!
    This is your very first post for the activities and I am so impressed! I liked how well your text is organised and the fact that you used the image including the text box with the facts as this made your post easy to read, very appealing and engaging. Furthermore, when you list the 3 facts about Maui I really liked that you chose to talk about his character and kindness.
    A fantastic start! I can't wait to see your other posts.

    Kia Kaha,


  2. Hello Nyjah
    Well done on completing the first summer learning journey activity. You did a great job. I like how you put all of your information onto a DLO so it looks nice. Keep up the excellent work Nyjah.