Friday, 7 July 2017

1 Winter learning journey. Interesting facts about people from New Zealand.

Today I have started my first activity for the Winter Learning Journey !!! Our first activity is to find three interesting facts about people from New Zealand. Also these facts is from this site. Thank you so much Rachel for making the Winter learning Journey happen !We really enjoy it and winning awesome prizes :)


  1. Hi Nyjah this really tells me that you have been very working hard on your Winter Learning Journey challenge. I found interesting about the first slide.

  2. Hi Nyjah,
    Your 3 Fact's are interesting and I never knew some of them
    but your 1 mistake was that you control copied these facts. I am doing the Winter Learning Journey as well but it says say the facts in your own words. Great work!

  3. Hi Nyjah. I like how you have created a DLO on this activity. Looking forward to seeing more of your posts.

  4. Hi Nyjah
    Excellent job on your first winter learning journey activity. I like how you put your information/facts in a google presentation. It makes it look awesome. Well done.

  5. Hi Nyjah
    Nice facts! I like how you said that many cool things have been invented in New Zealand. Do you know what things were invented?
    Great work

  6. Kia ora Nyjah,

    I really like this DLO that you created for Activity #1. It is full of great facts about New Zealand! My favourite part of the whole presentation was where you mentioned that visitors have a 'burning desire' for the outdoors. It really made me smile because I haven't heard anyone say that 'burning desire' in a long, long time :)

    Speaking of the out-of-doors, do you enjoy being outside? Would you say that you are passionate about it? The first person that I ever met from New Zealand was a girl named Melanie. I met her in Japan when I moved there to teach English. She and I were assigned to be roommates and she was crazy about the out-of-doors - absolutely passionate! She used to go walking and mountain biking all of the time.

    Thanks for posting such an informative DLO, Nyjah. I really enjoyed reading it (and being reminded of my funny friend, Melanie)!

    Bye for now,

    Rachel :)