Friday, 7 July 2017

Jack and Jill Narrative.

The kids that saved Halloween
The night before Halloween -
Bang! The sound of thunder filled my ears and the moon disappeared in a flash. The clouds covered the moon and it was time to turn the light off. I got in my bed and covered my body with my soft comfy blanket. Tomorrow was Halloween and I couldn’t sleep until 10:00! My mind filled with excitement thinking of all the candy we would get. After a long time of thinking about our sweet treats I dozed off to sleep.

The dream-
I shot up from bed and heard strange noises coming from outside. The thunder filled my ears and sent a shiver up my spine and I started to sweat. I looked around my bedroom too see nothing but a bright light coming from outside my bedroom door. I quickly got out of bed and walked towards the door. As I was walking the noises got louder and the thunder got closer. I turned the knob but it couldn’t open… I tried once more and a black figure stood in front of me. I panicked and tried to move back but I couldn’t. He grabbed me and picked me up and…

Morning excitement-
My eyes opened wide and I saw it was just a dream. I sighed and saw light coming from the curtains. I got off my bed and opened them. The bright light shined on my face and I opened my closet and grabbed some clothes out and got dressed. After that I walked to the kitchen grabbing the milk out of the fridge. My sister Jill grabbed the cereal box and poured some cereal in her bowl. I grabbed a spoon out of the cupboard and poured some cereal and milk in my bowl. After eating I told Jill how much candy we are gonna get.

The Halloween Monster-
It was finally time to go trick or treating and I jumped up and down. We left the house full of excitement and went to our first house. Minutes later our bags were almost full! Fog started coming in and it was dark out. Jill suggested it was time to go home but one more house couldn’t hurt,could it? After our last house all lights went out and we could barely see. Jill stepped on something so sticky her shoe was stuck to it. She tried to jump out of the sticky goo and after a while of jumping her shoe was free. Jack was curious and found more puddles of black sticky goo. He followed the trail and was so focused he didn’t notice his sister was trying to warn him he was in a swamp now. They traveled so far and Jill was to scared to go find their home alone so she followed him hoping she would be safe. Jack's curiosity disappeared and noticed he was in a swamp.

Made it home-
RAWR! The sound of a weird creature or animal scared me sick, I ran away and left Jack alone. I stopped running and saw Jack dead on the floor. I panicked and heard the same sound I heard earlier. I sat down on the floor and sighed. After a long break I tried to get up but I couldn’t. My eyes widened and I remembered the black goo my shoe got stuck on. The sound got closer and closer until a big creature stood in front of me. Sharp teeth, Giant claws and green skin. I DON'T WANT TO BE A SNACK! I grabbed the sharpest stick around me and stabbed him in the chest. The blood poured out from his body and he dropped to the ground.

Jill then remembered on the news that their was a monster that comes out every Halloween. She also remembered that the news reporters said that in 2001 someone had defeated the monster by fighting with all his strength and not being afraid of the monster. She knew what to do know and she smirked and hit him again with a big swing. As he was fading a grey ghost came out of him and found Jack’s dead body and transferred to him. Jack's eyes slowly opened and I was relieved to see him alive. I tried to get out of the goo but I couldn’t. Jack helped me out of the goo and we grabbed our bags and saw the sun was rising. We could see know and we walked home together. What a Halloween we had. It was scary but at least we made it out alive together.

Our L.I is to Illustrate the narrative and get it done.This week I started illustrating because I finished my writing ! This is my Narrative I have done the past weeks and Its related to our plans. We started couple weeks ago but I think I did a job well done !!! I hope you like my narrative and I will finish my Illustrations done as possible I hope for everyone that wants to see the finished results.

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