Sunday, 9 July 2017

Day 7: 21 Winter learning journey BONUS. Thank you... LAST ACTIVITY.

This Winter learning journey has been fun and kept me learning throughout the holidays too! I have learnt about Our own land and famous people in New Zealand too. Our history is great and people in New Zealand will keep it going too like our past Kiwis. This teaches me more about New Zealand. Did you also know that a girl sailed across the pacific alone ! I did not know that so I find this very interesting and she was a New Zealander. On my blog you can read and see all my work. This journey was my favourite out of all the ones I have done!!! Thank you so much Rachel for making this happen. We learn more even in the holidays. I hope you keep making more journeys ! :) Have a wonderful holiday everyone !

Today I wrote a description about the Winter learning journey! This was super fun but this is the last activity. Also this was another bonus! I had so much fun doing these activity and learning more. Know I have free time I can commenting on my friends blog or someone is PBS that has done the Winter Learning Journey. Thank you so much Rachel for making this possible :)


  1. Kia ora Nyjah,

    We are thrilled that you enjoyed the Winter Learning Journey programme! It was a pleasure to make it and to blog with you over the holidays. Both Nicky and I have been really impressed by the quality of your work and by your commitment to the programme. We can't believe that you've already finished it and it's only Wednesday of the first week. Wow!

    Your kinds words mean a lot to us, Nyjah. We will continue to make learning journey programmes for as long as we are able!

    Thank you again. Have a wonderful holiday!

    Rachel (Nicky, Jacinta and Willy)

  2. Hi Nyjah.
    I can really tell that you have had great fun and enjoyed the Winter Learning Journey lots! Everyone has learnt so much about New Zealand and more because of these activities. I found this programme very helpful to do over the holidays and something I would be looking forward to do when I would wake up, but now I have finished all the activities. It was my goal to complete all of them, because I don't think I have done it before, and it was a race between me and my sister who could complete all of them first. I won! :) Great work!

  3. Hi Nyjah. It's great to see that you have learnt a lot more about New Zealand, and you have had a lot of fun. Looking froward to seeing your Summer Learning Journey posts.

  4. Hi Nyjah
    Congratulations on completing the winter learning journey. I learnt a lot from you and i'm sure you also learnt heaps. Well done Nyjah.

  5. Hi Nyjah
    It seems you had a lot of fun and learnt a lot in your journey. The next time it is on will you participate?
    Great work