Sunday, 9 July 2017

Day 5: 13 Winter learning journey. What happened next? Story .

My mind spinning thinking of bad animal attacks. I dashed through the trees hoping to find Curious Kiwi and the group… My eyes looking all around as a ran trying to spot someone from my group. I had to stay brave so I stopped and took a deep breath in and out. *sigh* The air was so fresh and I could hear animals all over. Their noise and foot steps, plus it was going dark and I could see bright tiny stars in the sky.The leaves crunched as I stepped on them. I caught attention to a cute brown kiwi. I took a  quick shot and kept going. I then had noticed a path leading to a camp. I ran towards the light to see my group! I was glad and they asked me where I was at.

Today I made a story that has 10 sentences in it. It has to be very detailed but I think I did a great job. I made this story on a google doc. HOPE YOU ENJOY :)

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  1. Hi Nyjah. Great story. I like how your story ended. You have been doing a great job, keep up the great work.