Sunday, 9 July 2017

Day 6. 17 Winter learning journey. Three events this year.

Three events this year in Nz !!!
  • Matariki

  • ANZAC Day

  • Easter

Today I chose three special events this year. I chose Matariki because its a new year for Maori's and there are 9 stars in the sky shinning bright. I also chose ANZAC day because it honors the people that went to war. Easter also celebrates the Christians. I hope you like it :)


  1. Hi Nyjah. I like the three events this year. Although I think the task was to go on a Matariki website that was given to us and choose three events that are taking place there. Anyways, keep up the great work.

  2. Hi Nyjah
    Like Oh Hsen, I think you read the task a bit wrong. Anyway, you did a excellent job - keep up the amazing work.

  3. Hi Nyjah
    Like Daniel and Oh Hsen I don't remember doing this activity so please read the activities properly to do the correct one.
    Great work on explaining what these events are though.